Summoning demons vs Life Coaching

I’m just curious if anyone who has summoned demons has also worked with a life coach and would be willing to share their experiences.

I will say this, going into that relationship with Belial, I thought I just don’t trust this guy, I mean he is a big scary demon, and probably the bad guy. It took me two (three) years to realize about my marriage and how my ex was a big energy drain on me that sapped all my motivation and energy. When Belial told me this, it did not matter what he said, I was still in denial about it. I still was hanging onto this idea about marriage being sacred and something that should not be broken up no matter what.

Astaroth, like five minutes later I was making the stupid decision to allow unconditional possession and I had barely even worked with her. Her powers basically are to convince anyone of anything using words. The wanting my ex back because I lacked confidence in myself is what really did me in and led to self-defeat.

And yet, I feel like that is too much, and people shouldn’t have to go through all of that just to realize they are in a toxic relationship, need to quit their job, or whatever. Demons aren’t nice, and will hand you your ass, not because they are evil, but because they are harsh, and people are just stubborn and can’t get out of their own heads or the heads of the trashy people they surround themselves with.

Isreal Regarde recommended people get therapy before practicing magic. I’m not going to go into detail about that except to say, that knowing why you do something, or your motivations for it doesn’t necessarily help in moving you forward. You can still get stuck in this loop of endlessly repeating the past. Also, it can be impossible to change your thoughts when you don’t really know what they are in the first place, just the emotions.

Like magic, life coaching is future focused, that is it is focused on achieving your goals. Unlike magick, life coaching is about figuring out what is standing in your way internally, and putting a stop to it. When it comes to taking the steps you need to do to actually achieve them. You might, for instance, think you are going about things all the right ways, and why isn’t anything happening? But that is because you aren’t asking yourself the right questions about why something is not working.

Life coaching is not advising, it is not about taking advice from someone else. Life coaching is not therapy. It is not about processing trauma.