Summoning demons/Spirits vs actual spells

So I hear/read alot of information on performing spells, doing spell work. And I also see other similar information, yet it involves evoking spirits and opening sigils.
So my question, can you open sigil for a certain spirit, give them offerings and ask them to carry out an order, or is a “spell/ritual” needed?

Easiest example:
I wanna break up my ex’s new relationship and bring her back to me. So, can I just open Zepar’s sigal, ask for his help, give offerings and allow him to make it so, or would an actual spell need to be performed on her, while evoking/invoking Zepar during the ritual?
As always, thank you guys for the feedback.


It depends on your style. Many who begin with evocation simply ask the spirits to complete said task for payment. My personal style began with an education in Vodun and Kaballah so when I feel the need for assistance, I evoke a spirit and ask them to assist in the power and outcome of my work, then I cast a spell on my own using their presence as a power boost before dismissal.


I tried the 1st way & it didn’t seem to work (or I was just too impatient). So I asked Santa Muerte if I could do spells alongside her help & she said yes (which surprised me) & I got the feeling she expected me to. So I’ve done that recently & I’m waitin on the results.

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Any update on how that’s going, if I may ask?

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Thank you for that information.

Either would work.

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It depends upon how complicated things are in between you and your ex. Sometimes you need to layer things up to work

Well, the day after I did my first spell, I got a call for a job interview (the spell was to find a good job). I declined that position for personal reasons. A month & a day after my first spell, I got a call out of the blue for a job interview, for a job I didn’t even apply for (I applied for a different position months earlier), that is in line with one of my passions. The interview is tomorrow. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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I know this is late but what happened?