Summoning demons for monetary benefits

I am a businessman willing to try anything to keep me alive. I’m in a life or death situation right now. Which demon is best to contact for a novice like me?

Bune is typically the go to entity for money matters.


Bune, Wadjet, Amon(?), Sometimes Lucifer, Lucifuge, Jupiter, Buddha, Cernunos, and others.


Granted some of those aren’t demons.

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Awesome. Thanks for the info. Like I said I’m a newbie but no stranger to meditation. Which one can I contact with minimal objects and a non tedious process. I have nothing to lose, so would like the simplest and most promising ritual.

I recently had success with Bune, simply by meditating and reaching out, and asking for what I wanted, which was for my products to sell. Then I carved Bune’s sigil into an apple for an offering and yesterday my items sold.


pick a demon/spirit, write a letter to it. Draw its sigil on top of the letter. ask for a clear sign that they have received your request and working on it.
Angel Phorlakh and King Ghob can help. Contact them on Wednesday


As a part of planetary magic, "Financial Sorcery by Jason Miller "would be very helpful.


What would be a respectable offering to clauneck when I try to invoke him?

Simple incense would do the work. Or food offering also works.

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You have access to a device, the internet and this site - use the search as many have asked about Clauneck