Summoning Demons and Angels at the same time


Walpurgisnacht is getting closer and I’m already making preparations for it.

Certainly, with all the potent energies that are in the air right now, is going to be a fun night!

A list of entities I’m going to be calling is being made, but the following questions pops-up:

Is it “safe” or better “recommended” to summon demons alongside with angels?

I know that some people prefer to summon Goetic spirits and their corresponding angels at the same time, but I’m planning on summoning other angels and not the ones that correspond to the demons being summoned.

Could the spirits be offended if I do it?

It’s safe for the most part. I’d ask them if it’s okay first, because some may have preferences for who they’d like to be summoned with.


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Yes, it is perfectly fine.

The only thing to bear in mind is that some energies might conflict, and it is up to you to control them and hold them in place.

In my experience, it is helpful if the angel and the demon have similar attributes, such as the Archangel Raphael and the Goetic President Marbas, but it is not mandatory.