Summoning demon

Hello everyone I have a question I am planning to summon a demon because want a specific person get fired from job but I don’t know what demon should be useful

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what’s your experience etc so far? Have you performed an evocation before, do you have familiarity with any other paradigms like healing, angel work, spell-casting, etc? Have any spirit guides, connections, a dead granny who helps you out? :slight_smile:

All these things are useful to know so we can try to steer you right!

And (this is important) please take a minute to post an introduction here - it’s one of the Rules of this forum, many thanks!

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Thanks for replay I don’t have any experience in evocation of demon or angel. I was cast a money spell a 2 months ago and it was successful this wil be my first time to summon a spirit

Maybe King Belial?

He is a demon of the Earth,which means that he controls over financial circumstances,and anything that goes on on the material plane.He’s also a very good punisher,I hear,so you can use him to get someone fired.Plus,he is very well-known for his ability to manipulate authority figures.

If you go down the road of using Belial,however,I should warn you that he likes testing newbies.He didn’t test me,and was always good to me,but I know many people here have had interesting experiences with Belial’s quirkiness.He’ll probably appear in a frightening form,or with a creepy voice,or he’ll show you visions of damnation.Or he might get even more creative and invade your dreams after the evocation,or something,but he’s an excellent starter demon.

If you want to get into black magick,and demonic working,you’re going to eventually have to summon Belial.As the lord of lies,god of apostasy,king of anarchy,master of autonomy,he shows the magician how to act on their own,how to be their own bosses,and how to manifest wealth,and all of the stuff we associate with material existence.

He is also one of the four demonic gatekeepers(along with Abbadon,Amaymon,and Azazel), AND one of the nine demonic kings(along with Purson,Vine,ZAgan,Balaam,Beleth,King Paimon,Asmoday,and Bael),being the only demon to occupy a seat on both boards.

So you’re gonna have to contact him eventually,and as a true connoisseur of black magick,Belial is a great initiator.In fact,EA said that Belial was the first demon his wife ever contacted(and also probably the last demon she ever contacted,lol!).

Do I need only belial sigil to summon him

You need to POST AN INTRO - or gnomes will appear in your bedsocks! Please. :slight_smile:

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I don’t even need the sigil! :smiley:

Do what feels right.If you want,you can have all the fancy ceremonial stuff,or not.You can just have the sigil,and the enn,and the circle,and the dagger,or forego any one of those.

I have one more question can I ask king belial about my future and can I ask him for advice I have some problems so I need some wisdom from this spirit

Aww, that sounds cute. I want gnomes in my bed socks. Sorry, old post…

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