Summoning Agares for languages

I want to summon Agares so he can teach me Spanish, Russian, French and German . But how would he teach me this ? Would I go on a language learning website and just remember the words better ? How would he teach me the languages ?


The most likely scenario that comes to mind is his energy working on your mind and mental body making it easier to assimilate new languages faster than normal.

Unfortunately i know of no way to basically “download” a new language or skill into the mind. When/if i figure this out it will be an interesting day.


Its also possible that Agares has his own bag of trick with teaching languages.


I want to sumon? Im a hispanic. I dnt speak spanish fluent. I dnt speak inghles fluent. Or write. And im learning french. &Chinese, so here get tis books. Series. Making out in spanish. &russian etc. Ech cost like &10.and u can read, speak. Talk any language .very soon. I have try cds etc but nit good. If u want to learn. Try the living languages series. Autentic stuff. Not fillings, maybe agares will help you.but u must do u part.

Wait, you are Hispanic and can’t speak Spanish fluently? Are you a Portuguese speaker?


There is free phone apps like duolingo i use to learn italian. And how agares will teach you is he is very skilled at showing you your easiest way to learn the language. Youll come across this information with what seems to be.coincidence but make notes and pay attention

No portugeses. It happen to be the jack trader. Learn there &here, i was into asian stuff as a kidd. And learn a few trught years. But not master any. I knw sounds weird.

My first encounter with Agares I was learning Japanese but I kept getting stuck. Well, next thing you know I start a new job where all of the employees spoke fluently; which aided immensely. My next was Russian which- I didn’t finish but, I digress- anyway, two Russian siblings end up working at my job(a different one) and they taught me key phrases and allowed me to practice with them what I was learning at home. I’ve learned Italian and also how to write in Theban under Agares guidance.
He doesn’t imprint it in you but, as long as you are making a solid effort to learn he will drop you tools when you are not expecting it :slight_smile:


I practically know only Italian and English (except for some words in other languages) so, if I want to evoke the 72 of the Goetia in the order, I’ll surely be able to summon Agares for a reason :slight_smile:


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Just get in touch with him but follow up with practice and practice and practice

I plan the same for Francais, but specifically with the issues I’m having.

Are you talking to me ?

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