Summoning a succubus

Okay so awhile back I gotten a bound succubus. Her name is Begase ( which I decided to pick as my profile name ) now I haven’t seen her but is there a way I can try connecting to her better ?

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Got a sigil for her?

First off, why did you put her name out in the open!? Some black magicians can be vultures when it comes to spirits and their names, and other “collect” them like some Pokémon game for their own villainous agendas.

You allready got a request of her sigil. I’m not saying that @Lokthoriel are one of these villainous vultures, but my advise is to keep it to yourself, if you have her sigil.

A name is a precious gift given from parents to their sons and daughters. A spirits name is just the same, but it’s even more personal and precious when it’s given to you. It was given to you with trust to summon her at any time.


Hey, I feel like that was directed at me lol I only collect parasites and those that hurt other people.

Well I only had my succubus for one week but i discovered something u can do. Take alot of candles and either 1 or 2 insence and just openly say that it is for her. U got her name so when the candles and insence is burning just meditate and chant her name

To be honest when I was asking this question I was half awake and didn’t think about this as much but thank you for bringing it up I will be more careful than I was but you have a very very good point

Just keep her feeling alive - and why you first evoked her. If you are an emapth you will get a gut feeling, I am clairaudient so I hear… All the sigil/naming stuff is irrelevant - why would any black magician want the name of this spirit - can’t they conjure one on their own? The connection is a unique one between you and her.

O.O that’s true honestly but what made you guess empath ?

Haha, I’m so evil!
I’m kidding I would never do such a thing, Lilith or Namaah would kill me if I tried that!

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