Summoning a incubus and succubus

I have this question just now, I’m a beginner in this and don’t know much about this community.
Is it possible to summon both an incubus and a succubus? I’m bisexual so I get confused if one should try to do a summon of each on different days or at the same time. I’m just very curious on how everything works


Do you want both a female and a male ubi?

Or do you want one that is hermaphroditic?

Or that can shift between both or all three?

I think the last one but I didn’t know they can do three of those things. Idek how to make the letter imputing this

It need not be complicated.

Ubi are largely shapeshigters to begin with.

Ask for one that likes to play all of those roles.

Your intention in writing will bring that energy to the petition.

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Ooh well thank you for the info :blush: have a wonderful day

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