Summoned Sitri as my first demon. Need to explain details

I summoned Sitri last night as my first choice of demon. I did it the way EA Koetting said with the sigil gazing. I did start to see the sigil flash. I lit a candle and had the lights turned off inside my bathroom. I did this at 2:30 am. It felt very short but when I got out it was around 3:10 am already. I started to hear a voice in my voice,I believe it was Sitri. He had a very proper English accent. I heard his voice in my head like how we hear our own voice when we read or think. Except his voice was British. The answers were very quick. I asked him to make one girl that I met fron work to fall in love with me. He said “Consider it done”. My body was getting hot while I was staring at the sigil and I did start seeing it flash,disappearing then reappearing. I didn’t destroy the sigil but I did blow out the candle. The candle was flickering very fast and violently near the end while I was imaging having sex with the girl. I then blew out the candle but didnt do anything to the sigil. While I was in bed Sitri kept talking to me. He told me he could get me this other girl that I remeber from somewhere and I said “do it”. Then Sitri offered to make this other girl from my church to fall in love with me. I was reluctant at first but he then told me “It’s better if she’s with you than with him” and the image of this one guy who is young like me popped into my head. I said “fine do it”. He kept talking to me in my bed while I was trying to sleep. So I told him to stop talking until the tasks are done and he agreed. So basically is there anything I should now that I’m summoning demons? This was all last night. Should I destroy the sigil I used to summon Sitri? Any tips or tricks that more experienced demon summoners can give me? Thanks!


E.A. advocates for burning sigils; I’m not sure about the timing, but doing so after having experienced the working’s success in everyday life may be a safe guess.

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Don’t destroy the seal until after you get your results. The open seal is your connection to the spirit, and destroying it will sever that connection.


Do you know how long it takes for results to come?

Often that is determined by the Skill and Will of the Operator. Give it a little while, move on to something else and forget about it. Time will tell.