Summoned Djinn made my neighbour insane? And my Evil Ring from Bali

Two stories regarding my recent work with the Djinn.

Recently, I got interested in Djinn; so last week, I went to an empty apartment, and was talking to a Djinni. In fact, he approached me, so I reached back out to him. I formed a partnership with this Djinn, and gave him a request. Of course I was protected. I assumed He then went after my enemy as per my request.

Across from the apartment, there was a lady in her 40s who drives a $500k Benz, and she always dresses very elegantly and talks rather high-class. She went mad on the day of my summoning of the Djinn! She started complaining about noises, then she started yelling very loudly inside her apartment. Police was called, and had to break into her apartment when she was yelling about jumping out of the balcony. She was taken to mental assessment and was allowed to go back to her apartment. But shortly after, she went mad, by driving her Benz to the entrance of the car park and blocked the entrance. She would see people in public and would ask if they were there to kill her. Finally, she was taken to the mental hospital. I wonder if my Djinn stopped by her place to attack her, like a trial run, on the way to the requested target.

Meanwhile, I have a ring which I acquired from Bali. Bali is an Island full of spirits. The ring has an evil looking face on it, and I was told that it is a curse-breaking ring. Actually, I now think that a spirit or Djinni is living there, and it attacks other spirits or entities for the person who wears it. Anyway, before the above Djinni summoning, I was drawn to wear the ring for either protection or power enhancement. And I was also drawn to wear a thick silver ring for further protection.

I totally changed as a person when I wore this ring. My emotions went crazy. I was full of anger and rage, towards everything and everyone. I even got violent (which is not me) by breaking things in the kitchen, etc. I also did things to sabotage my job. Then two days after wearing the ring, I became depressed, and I am never depressed. I felt hopeless. Angry. Powerless. Alone. I looked myself in the mirror, and I saw myself shapeshift into a very evil looking being. One of my staffs (who sees me everyday) commented that my face was glowing, and asked me if I was using a new moisturiser or cream (I wasn’t, I didn’t put anything on my face). Finally, I decided to take off the ring, and immediately, I felt an energy leaving me, and I returned to normal.

Having experienced the above, I now realise what the curse-breaking ring was doing. It was attempting to break a curse inside of me. The curse was inside me, not outside. The ring was exposing all the negative emotions which came from this particular curse. As it is brought to the surface, to my conscious awareness; it then allows me to do something about it. For this, I am grateful.

I have now safely put the ring inside my copper pyramid, possibly to control but also enhance its energy. I will now work on removing that curse, and then, I can work better with the Djinn, as well as the ring so that they can target other enemies, rather than the internal enemy.

Any one has any feedback?

I am considering posting a picture of the ring so that you may have a look or maybe even tune in.


I find your story about the ring quite amazing and can help many people out there who may be cursed, sure the ring is dangerous so unless that person or yourself wants to know they are cursed I would keep it in it’s box locked away to keep from causing anyone to go crazy not removing the ring after feeling the side effects.

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I’ve been to Bali so many times and have never heard about anything like it. Pics of the ring?

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I’m Indonesian and used to live in Bali for a bit. Where do you get the ring?

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Interesting, I am Indonesian btw :smiley:

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I honestly don’t remember, it was about 16 years ago that I got it. I believe I got it from a temple in Ubud. I say Ubud because I remember buying it while I was on a tour by myself. I went to Tanah Lot with my partner at the time; but I visited temples in Ubud by myself. Possibly at the Elephant Cave Temple.


I just took a picture of the ring and was going to post it here. Then something fell down. I suspect the ring doesn’t want to appear on here for some reason.

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I’m starting to understand how powerful this ring is.

I am actually going to Bali on Sunday, so I am seriously considering wearing it. The only temple I plan to visit is Tanah Lot, maybe the sea water will wash it, and maybe I can use the incense smoke to summon whoever residing inside the ring.

It is currently being charged inside my copper pyramid. By the time I am ready for Bali, it will be full of energy. Imagine that!


Very Cool! Although if the ring is metal I would not wash it with the sea water.

Out of curiosity, what kind of djinn was it?

I do not know what kind of spirit or Djinn is in my ring.
The Djinn that came to my awareness in the empty apartment was a killer.

Did you happen to see it?

Yes, it was a gentleman with a dog’s head. Hence I believe the Djinn is Majid.

I believe He may have gone across the hallway to possess that lady. She seems possessed when people talk to her, she was trying to jump off the balcony, she was heard yelling at someone “are you trying to kill me?” when she was alone in her apartment. The Police took her to mental hospital twice, but both times, she was able to show that she was “normal”, and was released. As soon as she got back to the apartment, she changed again. She screams and yells constantly. She bumped into someone in the elevator and asked if the person was going to kill her.

I think I have learnt my lesson in working with Djinn. And I think some Djinn are eager to show their powers to humankind. Like Majid did in this case.

Djinn are very powerful!


That is why I hate living in apartments, too many crazy people and energies.