Summoned Dantalion

About 10 mins ago I summoned Dantalion using a string from my pants and a lock to see if he could make me a Prince of the United Kingdom . I asked him a few times to show me yes and he did . I asked him to show me no and he did . After that I asked him if he can make me a Prince of the United Kingdom and he showed me yes . I asked him if I could do this by writing a letter to Queen Elizabeth and very slowly it showed me no and when the speed started picking up, he showed me yes . I wasn’t all that certain so I told him thank you for coming and i’ll try again later . Any thoughts ?

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The only thing that letter will do is put you on a no fly list.


So your saying he’s lying ?

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I’m not telling you to get rid of the goal do your thing.
Just don’t be stupid.


How are you certain that he’s saying what you think he was


Well I asked him to show me yes or no

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Ok that way is not a reliable form of communication.
Do you need to be a Prince today? How about working on your communication faculties for a few months first, just so you know the difference.
Good luck.


A pendulum would work, but i feel that this is an example on how these things can be manipulated. Your desire to get a yes answer will cancel out any real answer given (the subconscious is good to work with, the only issue is that it’s pretty much a child that will do what ever to please you, ie if you want a yes it will show you a yes)

I do also agree, a letter might be the worst thing to do, out side of stapling your request to the door of Buckingham itself


Yeah I don’t plan on being a Prince tomorrow, next week or even next month . So I think I can work on it


But I don’t know how I would communicate through astral senses because I really can’t meditate to save my life . If I sit in a totally quiet room to meditate, I will think about everything in the world .


That’s something you have to fight through. reason people give up on meditation early on is they thing it’s going all about a few deep breathes and boom, zen. In reality the first few months or more (depends on the person) will be reliving the days events, or past mistakes ect.

When you start to meditate the brain will continually drag you into stray thought after stray thought, that’s how we been conditioned for the material world, when you meditate you go against that conditioning. It will take time and a lot of discipline but eventually you break out of the mold you were in and then the real meditation starts.

The rule of meditation, don’t try to meditate, just meditate. The more you fight the thoughts the more they gang up on you. Observe them as a ripple in a pond, they’ll appear and go away by themselves, no real reason to pay them mind :slight_smile:


One question:

Why do you want to be royalty?

Seriously - why do you want to be royalty, when you have access to Godlike power, and can do millions of other interesting and smarter things with your power?

Why waste your time on something superficial, that you yourself said you want just because?

Sure, at one point, we all go “fuck it, let’s just fuck around”, but… why? You definitely aren’t at the point where you realize reality and decide to just have fun in it.

So, why? Why not, Iunno, work on your senses first? Or work on your physical situation?


In my opinion - total waste of time and potential.


I see then as the top of the top . They don’t need to have a certain net worth to be upper class . Wherever they go they get called by their title and they always get respect . Not to mention immunity and not paying for anything .

When Prince Harry trashed his hotel room the owner of the hotel said no problem we’ll take care of it you don’t have to pay

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So why not ? (plus thousands of other things)

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So why not develop your OWN respect?

Why not work on yourself so much that people KNOW who the fuck you are, and respect you exactly for who you made yourself to be - and not because of a title you have?

Why not make yourself so powerful, that when you walk in and thrash the place, the hotel owner goes “no problem”, not because of a title, BUT because of who you are?

Why not become top of the top, and rise even further than some “royalty”?

You can become such a person, and you don’t need to have a certain net worth OR a title to be treated like so.

If you want power and to be respected, you don’t have to take weird routes such as becoming royalty.

You can go directly for those. In fact, magick works the best when you hit your true desire.


Don’t forget…sometimes there are earth and other mischievous spirits around that if we don’t take proper precaution, can fool many magicians. Have you used a pendulum regularly? If you do, I would be sure to mediate and clear your mind well before trying that again. I only try to use my primary pendulum for spirit work. When dealing with more powerful spirits or Daemon, I would be sure to use a pendulum that I’m used to and that is charged with my energy. Sounds like some of the message got a bit mixed or jumbled in the translating. Good luck with future pendulum work. Practice makes perfect.


In your opinion who is above royalty ?

I have never heard of someone like that . There probably is someone who did something like that and got no penalty . But I have never heard of him .

Personally to me . Royalty is cool as hell . But being Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg or Larry Ellison is cool to

My goal is to be a Billionaire . Royalty is just something to one up other billionaires . There are billionaire royals but not British Royal Billionaires .

Are you even a commonwealth citizen?? You can’t even become a knight unless you were one!!


I rather have billions of dollars and not be royal to be honest. Fame comes with issues, there are many rich families that pull the strings behind the scene that don’t have to deal with the whole fame thing like royalty does, or hollywood royalty.

If you want money, power or prestige, focus on those alone. You don’t need prestige for the other two.