Summoned Dantalion need answers

About 30 minutes ago, I summoned the Grand Duke Dantalion .

As previously mentioned I summoned him so he can help me with my app submission .

I went in the bathroom lit an incense looked at his sigil and started saying his enn off of my phone about 4 or 5 times and kept saying Grand Duke Dantalion please come to me . I kept saying that on and on and I seen the incense going crazy . The best thing to watch .

Then I told him I wanted to make a pact with him(look at my previous post to see the pact) . I read the pact out and told him that I forgot my pen in the other room . I turned around to see if I had a pen behind me and I didn’t . But ironically I had four pennies . I took the four pennies asked him something that I forgot and got 3 tales and 1 head . Which means no . What I do remember asking is if Dantalion is hear . I got 3 tales and one head . I asked am I alone and I got 4 heads . I asked if Dantalion is hear and I got 3 tales and one head . I asked is it ok if I lick the pact with my spit instead of signing with a pen . I think I got half and half or 3 heads and one tale. I asked more questions but I forgot what the results came up as .

After that I told him he can have the essence of the incense and when he is done to please leave .

This is the pact I wrote "Hello Great Duke Dantalion I would love to create a pact between you and I .

I want you to get my app, APP NAME, approved to the Google Play Store with no problems within one hour of my submission . Also make the app receive millions of users within it’s first week of being published and make it highly addictive .

In exchange for this I will burn two incenses for you and I wil give you public praise .

Thank you Great Duke Dantalion ."

Do you think this worked ?

First, what system are you using to interpret the pennies? The Santeria Obi, or something else entirely? I’ve even read online those who consecrate the pennies to Hermes. Either way, almost all penny systems more or less use the following as the answers, with slight variations depending on the path of practitioner:

It should be noted this is one hell of a crash course, and this is the santeria method of interpreting. Usually done with coconut pieces, but pennies subsitittute in a pinch. I’ve even used pieces of bread lmfao. I can actually write paragraphs on divination, but I don’t have the time haha.

4 heads - Alafia - Yes. What is known should not be asked.

3 heads, 1 tail - Itawa - Unsure yes. Should Throw again for confirmation.

2 heads, 2 tails - Eyeife - Affirmative yes, strongest yes possible

1 head 3 tails - Okana - No. HELL NO. lol Unless your questions is about offerings and if the spirit liked them, then throw again for clarification. Otherwise, no and that’s that.

4 tails - oyekun - Firm no, but can be asked again. The dead are speaking here.

Again, different strokes for different folks, and even those from the same religion may differ in methods of divination. I’m just trying to give you some pointers.

Look, forgive me for being a bit frank but I’m just gonna come out and say this: You’re coming off as being superbly green, not because you’re new to the left hand path or whatever you wanna call it, but because you’re showing a lack of reading and research. I’ve read your posts, and it seems like you completely depend on the people of this forum to show you the way and to inform you of things. You come off as desperate and needy for results, and that is something that is the surefire death of success in ANY religion or work regarding spirits.

I’m not saying being a beginner is a bad thing, not at all. I’m well practiced in Palo and Santeria but am new to the Goetic spirits. I’ve asked questions on this forum too. But I’ve also gone and come to my own conclusions by way of research.

All I’m saying is you need to trust and believe, not have others do it for you. Yes, the goetics can be a means to an end, but if you feel you’re not getting results you need to reflect on why. Have you looked into other parts of these disciplines besides just making pacts to get results? This isn’t just a demon to summon to get your way and that’s it. The left hand path is a lifestyle. It must be upheld through everyday practice, ritual and meditation to be able to get anywhere and see results, not a one and done. Of course it can be a one and done but you’ll never get results that way. I know this forum talks a lot about being your own god and commanding the world around you, but ask yourself this: If you were a mighty spirit older than time, would you even bother entertaining someone who sees you as some shiny novelty because he’s desperate to get results, or someone who has really immersed themselves, and done as much research as they can on you and is actually devoted to this? Well I’m not a mighty spirit so I can’t really answer that question, but you get the idea. We might be our own gods but so are they.

The fact that you’re asking if it worked speaks volumes to me. Sorry if I’m coming off as preachy but you have to reflect and come to your own conclusions. Asking is fine of course. But the real question is: Do you think it worked?


No it’s ok to be “preachy” to me .

Yes I do


Then it did :slight_smile:

Always, always, ALWAYS trust your intuition


Have you had success with Orobas, Dantalion or King Paimon ?

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My King, Paimon, has graced me with his help in the past.

Did you hear him speak to you or see him the first time you made a deal with him ?

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Heard and felt him. Am yet to see anyone but Lucifer and the Divs…

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wow .

Well It worked !!! He made my app get published and it is well within one hour . Hail Duke Dantalion !!!