Summon/Ask Fenrir for help?

I am wondering if it is at all possible to call Fenrir for assistance with someone. I’m sure there is some form of appeasement to be done. I’ve had a serious line crossed and this person has not learned anything nor refuses to stop. I can not think of anything more befitting than to find a way to lead this person’s astral self to the waiting jaws of Fenrir.

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Connect yourself to the wolf spirit, using trance/meditation. Unleash the wolf in you, go beserk. Imagine what he has felt and find those emotions in yourself. Offerings, raw meat or pain to show respect for his and intense feelings in general. That being said, I don’t know if Fenrir is the right creature for the job. He’s does not like being told what to do, obviously, you will however unleash the wolf in yourself working with him but who knows, maybe I’m wrong and maybe he will.

VANAGANDR! Father of wolves! The essence of the wolf-entity! The un-tamed wild that dwells in darkness! HEIL FENRIR! Black wolf of hatred! Vile beast! Rise from your restraints! Bring forth thy wrathful chaos! BORN IN THE IRONWOOD! Spawn of the Black Witch! Son of the Fire Giant! Come forth from the current of chaos! BESTIAL THURS-WOLF! Monster of Van! Flow free, thee poisonous rivers! Reach out above the stars, with thy jaws of death! RABID WOLF OF DESTRUCTION! Deformed son of Loki! Forever un-tamed by the laws of the cosmos! Spit forth the roaring flames of Muspell! Tear asunder the flesh of the All-Father! HEIL FENRIR!


Yes he’s a primordial Jotun/God. You can call on him and come up with an agreement. He may appear in his wolf form or his humanoid one. Make sure you use your clairs and intuition to tell if it’s really him from a mimic/fake/thoughtform. Fenrir is an amazing guy when it comes to calling for aid.


Fenrir was the first deity i called to and connected with. The effects of his aid are still felt to this day.

You will get what you need, but be prepared for it to come with challenges to make yourself stronger


Thank you guys. As said, I won’t be giving Fenrir orders. Just will be asking for his help with removing someone. Someone who has committed acts of betrayal.

i’m glad you state this because most people forget about that.

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This would be my very first time reaching out to Fenrir. Would my own rage be a proper offering? Also, never reached out to a Norse deity before and not sure how He would view me, being a former Christian. A year ago I traded the cross for the image of a wolf. My circle has grown ever smaller, as loyalty is apparently a virtue long forgotten in to day’ society.

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Most entities don’t care about your former religion, as long as there’s respect. As for your rage you’d have to ask him when you do the contact, that is usually the best way to see what they would want in return if anything at all.

Well I work with the person so its unavoidable :confused:

Fenrir is without a doubt, great to work with in situations like this. When I got out of a toxic relationship, Fenrir helped me accept that what she did was wrong and that its ok to be angry. In fact, anger as an emotion is an amazing offering for Fenrir. I’m sure he’d be willing to help you get justice.


Well this person has definitely escalated things by forcing a psychic projection of himself on someone dear to me during an intimate moment so yeah I think its time to let the Wolf Son handle this person completely.

Very nice! I like that.

OP, he is great for protection and hexing. When you really form your bond with him, he becomes a very helpful, loyal and irreplaceable Ally.


Rage works, a bit of blood or some raw meat would work even better. But if you could build your rage up to levels that Fenrir would appreciate, then there’s no reason why you can’t call on pretty much any entity that you want.

I’m feeding Fenrir later. Can’t wait!

So this person has lost several friends, almost died and was hospitalized for a week, has come close to being fired and was cut on days, and still keeps coming.

I guess its time to fuel the rage and call out the person’s acts of betrayal?

This person has not learned after 3 times.