Summon a succubus without a letter of intent

I’m rather new to understanding spirits, so please bear with me if I sound dumb. :grimacing: I know, a letter of intent to Lilith is probably the best option to summon a succubus, but I’ve learnt from another post in this forum that the entity in between, here Lilith, may cause conflict between me and the succubus, and it might stop them from being dedicated to me or help me in my spiritual growth. For this reason, I wanna ask if there’s some other safe way of summoning a succubus where there would be mutual understanding, intimacy and respect for each other without anybody else interfering.

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Yea Clara came to me on her own


I didn’t use a letter of intent. I just went to Lilith and everything worked out fine. I didn’t even ask for a succubus or a familiar and one just kind of showed up and has been immensely helpful to me in a lot of ways.

That said, Lilith can be pretty damn intense the first time you encounter Her and she definitely does not suffer fools gladly. If you’re just going to Her to get a succubus or for less than noble reasons, be prepared to get your butt handed to you.

Not saying that’s what you’re doing, just saying that you need to tread carefully around Lilith and Her beloved daughters.


I see. Well, it’ll be my first time visiting Lilith, so definitely, it’s going to be nerve-wracking for me. I kinda want to know how I should approach her. I’m definitely going to be super respectful and submissive and I don’t want cause any trouble. And as I said, I’m new to spirits and magic so I kinda don’t know how can I go to Lilith. It’d be really helpful if I can get some explanation on the entire process :sweat_smile:

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You should learn the basics of magick, and work on your astral senses, before wasting your time and Lilith’s. Without the development of your senses, you won’t feel or know if Lilith, or a succubus, is even around.

Also, how old are you? Because spirits ARE NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR A HUMAN LOVER


I’m going to say that this is the kind of thing that, when you’re ready to do it, you’ll know how.

You need to have a lot of ducks in a row before you start spirit work, especially with someone as challenging as Lilith. At a minimum, you need to know how to banish, how to meditate, and how to get simple practical enchantment to stick. Something like a sigil.

One should never approach the spirits purely from a perspective of “getting stuff”. You’ll get stuff, sure; but that’s not the main thing they’re there for. Lilith, especially, is one that will put you in your place right quick if you walk up to Her like “Yo! Gimme!” She’s there for when you’re really ready to begin your ascent. If all you want is to get stuff, there are far easier ways to go about it.

YMMV. That’s just my personal experience.


Maybe ask Naamah instead? She does succubi too and is less harsh.


I went this route, too. I did spend some time thinking of what I really wanted out of it, what I could reasonably give in return. I presented this to Lilith and asked for a match of her choosing. I also asked her to “deliver” my succubus to me, so I would be 100% sure it wasn’t a wayward spirit coming to fill a void it knew about.


My first succubus showed up when masturbating to images of Lilith on line, the second when talking about how much I loved the first one and missed her here online, then the third showed up while I was describing all the things you oukd want to address in a letter to someone that was seeking a partner, the letter still has huge benefits just because you get your concerns addressed before you even meet her for what our looking for in your future partner. Also I wouldn’t act overly submissive cause then she might expect you to be the submissive type and want a dominate partner, just be yourself but aware your befor a royal goddess.

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@Vaynord That’s cool!

I also didn’t do a letter method I just asked for an incubus out loud then dreamed of him. While this is possible people should know that it isn’t possible to ask for the cutest incubus because I already have him.


You know, I hear spirits aren’t substitutes but if it or a hologram, a piece of paper, a plushie, or sex doll, or whatever works for you then its a substitute. If it works for the individual who should care.

What? No real dick to twat to tit to mouth to arse? Big deal. The hormone and chemical release is the same or close.

Sure, no human to and fro banter with assets or baggage each carries. Sure, the human has all the spatial, temporeal, emotional, physical and more going on in you immediate but you gotta ask if you want the baggage?

Do you want isolation? Spirits you can kick to the curb and bam chances are you get your solitude. Be in a den of humans… not so easy unless you vacate.

Situational for the individual.

Does one want to replicate? Have a brood? Be pusdywhipped or w/e?

How you went to Lilith?

And what a fool like me schould do if i already have a succubus bond to me but im a bad partner my sense are weak af. And idk seems i have blockages cause of low self esteem…

I wouldn’t necessarily say that Lilith would be the one to cause conflict between human and succubus. It is far more likely that a thoughtform or an independent decoy spirit would do something that drastic. Lilith is Mother to Succubi and a Goddess. But such a move is not within my sphere of experience with Her. Lilith also happens to be patron of unorthodox/unconventional sex as well. To Her, if you want to broaden your horizons of knowledge to prepare for a human lover, that’s a noble cause worthy of a succubus. If you want one to have to expand your spiritual insight, you get a succubus that is potentially high ranked, possibly a priestess of sorts, and one that doesn’t beat around the bush on what you can achieve in the physical realm. The possibilities are endless. But a letter of intent is if you want to tailor or adjust your potential succubus down to your exact needs and aims.

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