Summer solstice

Does anyone have any plans for the longest day of the year?
I am fortunate enough to live close to Stonehenge (UK) and aside from the usual gathering of thousands of young adults looking for an excuse to get drunk, it is quite an energetic night.
I have a few workings in progress that were waiting for tonight, with the waning moon, and I am looking forward to celebrating later.
What do you do on such a special evening/day?


First post ever, but it’s bugging me that no one else is talking about the summer solstice (Litha). Maybe it’s not such a big deal, though the Mayans would probably disagree.

I recently created a horned deity bust or head-shaped statue. I plan to take this and place it with candles and a bonfire on the deck to my lake house. I feel like the lake (water) and fire will represent the solstice themes well. I’m still unsure as to what drove me to create this weird idol thing.

Here’s to hoping you’re able to take advantage of some of this extra-charged spiritual energy of Litha.