Sumerian Divine Names

I don’t know about all the other Magicians here, I somehow am not comfortable with the names of Spirits and Ancient gods that we learnt from the Judeo_Christian and islamic religions. It took me very long, and plenty of reading and meditating before I could finally bring myself to view the Ancient Gods as something other than the evil, wicked and dangerous entities they were depicted to us.
I have grown very fond of Marduk (Amon) and Enki (Satan) as well as all the other who I simply bring myself to warm up to and contact.
Now that I am moving steadily to regularly calling, and communing with them, i still hate calling them by those Judeo-Christian Names. As late as yesterday, i found myself saying “Avage, Secore, Marduk ninan”; And when I wanted to address Satan before, I preferred saying Tasa reme laris Enki- Ave Enki!
There was no adverse reaction, and there seemed to be no anger on their part with me using those old names. And I am strongly enclined to continue.
My question is, am I doing wrong? Am I insulting them? Have anyone here used these names when addressing them and what happened?
Somehow I rather find the name ‘Satan’ not palatable to me because of all the abuse that has been aimed at him with that name.
I’d like your opinion on that.

I can only speak for my experience, but it seems to me that they don’t mind being addressed by their pre-Judeo-Christianity names. It makes sense as well: they were addressed only by their Sumerian names for hundreds of years at some point in time, and there was no adverse reaction then.

If you really want to do away with the Judeo-Christianity slant, you might even go as far as to learn to evoke them through the ancient Sumerian methods. That’s what I’d like to learn to do: to learn Sumerian and ancient Greco-Roman systems of ritual and evocation, in order to more closely align with old gods.

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I don’t think you ‘have to learn Sumerian’ in order to evoke them in that language.
All the necessary evocations have been given and the pronunciations are very easy.
If you have the appropriate pronunciation before you, you’re ready to go.
I simply learn them by rote and use them. They work.

Oh yeah, I agree that they work as-is. You mentioned that the Judeo-Christianity bias against old gods rubs you the wrong way, so I had thought that you might be interested to do away altogether with the very methods that have Judeo-Christian coloring - for example, conjuring demons with threats and curses like in the Lesser Key of Solomon. I sense that you don’t practice that method however (yes, no? maybe?), so perhaps my suggestion will be better utilized by someone else reading this.

I’m with you on using names that were used before Judeo-Christianity made some changes. Perhaps not necessary for everyone, but I feel better doing that too.

I prefer never to use that threats and curses method. It can badly backfire against the person that does. For a long time I hesitated to use those methods, ever since I learnt, and I was right.
But after reading the story of Humanity’s creation according to Enki and the others, I have warmed up to them.
But when you go to many Satanic sites, Enki is identified with Satan, Amon with Marduk etc…
The thing is, I refuse to join in all the hatred which exists between Satanism and the Judeo-Christian andIslamic faiths.

And as much as I no longer feel about those entities the way I used to, before I knew best, I’m still unwilling to evoke ‘Satan’, but I feel comfortable with the name of Enki.
So far, I have been working with the Fifty Names of Marduk and it has all been well with me. So to tell you the truth, I prefer to walk the Spheres in the old Sumerian way, calling the gods by their old names.
I just want to learn from them and ascend, without hating one side, or the other.
Does that make sense?

Good thread. I have thought about this a lot myself. I don’t like the way the x-tians corrupted their names so it does feel disrespectful when I use them. I also never refer to a demon to their face as a “demon” I don’t think that’s right either because that’s a religious term too. I mean, I use the word demon a lot online but only because it helps new magicians and others to understand what type of spirits I am talking about but using anything christian is not good is in my opinion but I don’t know all of the proper names or where to find them all, I only know some.

But I find this just as offensive as the fact that wikipedia lists the triquetra and pentagram as symbols that were adapted by christianity and they show the christianized versions at the top. Yeah, adapted my ass, stolen is more appropriate. Adapted is when you use someone else’s symbol and change it slightly then give the original source credit as your inspiration for making your own version. Stealing, is when you take the symbol don’t change it all and claim it as your own even when others say no that’s not yours, but like a 5 year old child you rebuttle and say nuh-uh no it’s mine! LOL, So I believe stolen is more like it so it pisses me off that wikipedia tries to make it seem as if those 2 symbols are mainly christian.

But, anyone can add to, edit, or delete the info on wiki so I suspect some religious nazi has come along at some point and thought watch this, let’s make this seem like it’s ours and erase everything the pagans wrote.

I’m correcting my previous post. Well, the entities I’ve worked with, I don’t call them by Judeo-Christian names. All of the names mentioned in those monotheistic “bibles” have a correct correspondence to a much more primordial form of their very own ‘self’.

For instance ,
Azazel can be linked to Al-Uzza and is even considered by some to be likened to Thoth.

Azrael(Angel of Death) primordial form is considered to be Mot(God of Death)

Interesting thing is you can follow the trails of each Entities traits and link them to various cultures such as Eqyptian, Nabataean, Ugarites, and like you said Sumerian.

I think it would be more respectable to call them by their Ancient names. As when I first started evoking beings, using Christian “God” names seemed to lack results.