Hello, i am humilu ! from black hole !

stupid to try to make “introduction” to “occult” site, since field is so large…

im “satanic” male being, who been studying occult since i was 19(26 in few weeks), starting from conspiracy theories, joy of satan website, thelema, vampyrism,egyptian pantheons and mythology, setianism, demonology(mostly just evoking them myself to my drug rituals to study and spend time together), dragonic magick, and lately i studied raelism, one more study about elohims…

I work minimalistic with deities currently( hecate,kali,isis and ma’at) focusing on working with spirits of living beings, doing anti-mind controlling and exorcisms, trying to find something new to study, not that i would respect alot of material that i come across

im also musician, self-employed mushroom farmer and videogamer, who has already published one album, 2nd one incoming, and im gonna write atleast one book about anti-mindcontrol, and reptilian effect to society and human conciousness.

i was also member of old wizard forum, before it got taken down by inteligence agencies, or maybe koetting himself !

we had war against greys, and some irrational demigods, about singularity and terminology and safe to say, about future of this planet, there will be 2 different timelines, one with machine kindom, one with just spiritual methods of evolution, feel free to pm me about this subject, i might open discussions about this, since it ties everything from inteligence agencies to abuse of pagan and gentile systems/cultures and is threat to “humans”

ok done for now, keep studying


Hi. Welcome to the forum. Don’t take this the wrong way but lots of people around here don’t like conspiracy theories (I personally love them, but I keep it to myself.)

No political stuff at all. Rule here.

We can talk about the gods out in their star kingdoms. I have a few stories.

Here a couple of my space stories. The Founder is a gatekeeper I am not going to say which one.

Link all your stuff from your profile, anything that is likely to get directly political is forbidden, and that’s an admin rule:

Sloppy security, got their database held to ransom, and too mean to actually pay to get it back. I still have a screencap of the ransom page somewhere… :laughing:

I’m always sad to see ANY occult community go under, but it is also a fact WF was playing fast and loose with vast amounts of copyrighted material by occult authors, so getting their own entire database stolen was probably some kind of massive payback, in the end.

It’s precisely because it’s so large, that it’s helpful to know a bit about people. Keeps things human, not just random screennames yelling at each other. :+1:

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okay, thanks taking time to reply, i have problem too, i cannot find edit link, and it would be nice to link some good reading to my op ? how the hell i edit posts ?

and to that WF thing, my cencors still say it was inteligence agencies, and non co-operation with “meta-existing”, see all glory to koetting, archaellus and his work, but when you work to systems like infernal empire, there is CIA NASA all over it, i been personally been offering him other projects, we’ll see what happens, but i hope you do understand that “priceless” domains, like WF and JoS are “danger” to “society”.

but yea, tell me how to link, i have intresting pages to you too :stuck_out_tongue: know anything about realism ?’

oh okey, painfull, i can now edit this post but not op :smiley:

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There’s a “ninja” edit window of 5 minutes that won’t show the post was edited, you then have another 55 minutes (so, one hour total) to edit a post, where the older version can be seen behind an orange pencil icon, but if you miss that window and have a pressing need to revise a post, I’m always happy to edit stuff in if needed. We need a short window to keep spammers off, if it’s left too long they can go back later and edit links in.

Btw we have this whole member-moderation thing on here, it’s not unruly members vs.meanie mods, which was more the vibe on WF - everyone is expected to flag posts that they’re concerned about and try to solve problems before they become serious. :+1:

It’s like being a grownup! :smiley:

Is any of it calling out the alphabet agencies, or any ethnic or alien hybrid groups in a political/politicised manner?

I am personally into that stuff BUT you cannot post it here, as I said. Neither can I - the rules apply to everyone.

But you can add it to your profile, Profile - humilu - Become A Living God > Preferences (along the top, cog icon) > Profile (side menu).

Just paste links in provided they’re not political as mentioned, find a PM in your inbox from sender Demon, that has a tutorial on using this software.

There’s more info on using this forum here.

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Couple good sites that you “occultists” should get familiar with :slight_smile: if you have any good pages for me to study you are free to link them to me, i like studying :slight_smile:

“The Devil is more intelligent than mere mortals and should never be argued with,” Pope Francis has warned.