Suggestions to create more Jealousy or Discord with another person

G’day all!

Had a bit of a brief through the forum but I’m looking for some guidance into who/what method, evocation, spell or spirit would be the best path to increase jealousy or create mistrust & discord in another person.
I don’t want to make them batshit crazy (well, if that happens so be it :laughing: ) , but I know there is underlying issues there, and I’m interested to just push those a little bit further, reveal their true nature to the others around them.

Its a new moon here tonight, and I’d love to fit something into what I’ve already got planned tonight, if the timing is right :slight_smile:

Much appreciated :heart:
Eos xo

Edited to add: Hoodoo Sour Jar, Hotfoot and Freezer Spell are already underway :wink:


let me know if u find any

Ok, so I ended up doing a light evocation last night with Asmodeus, and ended up with a few things to try (will report back on methods etc when successful). Also did some sigils for self improvement - felt good :slight_smile:

As normal I slept with his sigil in my pillowcase, but had this crazy dream where I was summoning Lucifer instead - when i did a pendulum test this morning, Asmodeus was still connected, and confirmed I should also begin working with Lucifer to complete the requests I’ve made in addition to him.
Anyone had any experience working with them together?

I plan to start with a simple introduction via petition with Lucifer tonight although I have the feeling that after that dream, I’m already in touch with him.

Well I personally use a consecrated sigil of Leraje on a Kamea of Mars for break up work. She is a love goddess/demon but also causes discord and breaks up couples (causes mistrust and suspicion in others). I also use a non concecrated 3rd pentacle of Mars (to cause discord, and fighting).

You could also summon/evoke Amon. He is known to break up friendships and relationships rather quickly.

Or possibly Gaap. This demon causes people to see the worst in each other.