Suggestions on beginner steps for contacting spirits

Hello everyone!
I’ve been trying to find ways to contact with spirits, demons, Masters in order to give me a hand on issues, depending on the situation. But i didn’t really find anything of value in the New Age stuff.
But this forum is a fucking treassure.
So, my question is. I haven’t ever contacted any spirit, or at least not further than synchronicities, or maybe through dreams(if these are considered contact of course). Which spirit should be my first contact, and what should I study thoroughly before doing it? I’m not saying I’ll do it tomorrow, i’m well aware it could take over a year until i’m capable of contacting/summoning a spirit, given that I’ve never practised before


My three favorite publishers are The Power of Magick Publishing, The Gallery of Magick, and here, BALG.

You can contact a spirit today if you really want to. It doesn’t matter if you can sense the spirit at all. If you follow the steps the spirit will hear you, and that’s what really matters.

Connecting with a spirit in a dream is pretty normal. They don’t always show up like a person or some other tangible form, sometimes they are just there.

If you tell us a little more about what sort of magick you are interested in I could point you to a specific book to get you started.


Thank you for the answer!
I’m interested in learning more about the occult.
Since now i’ve studied wicca, which tbh i didn’t like, and the traditional magick of my country (greece and asia minor).

I guess i could contact a spirit, but i’ve read that some of them are bothered when you first call them and you need to be very powerful and experienced in order to minimise the risk? But there are many spirits, so I imagine that some of them are calmer

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Most rituals involve speaking some sort of Divine or godnames as a way to establish yourself as an authority to the spirits. This is pretty much all the protection you really need. Things like circles and whatnot have their uses, but many newcomers to magick are afraid of the spirits and think that magick will somehow cause some “backlash” or work against them, which thankfully is not the case. I remember after my very first ritual (a very basic chaos magick sigil), I was afraid that the magick would work by hurting someone or putting me in a terrible situation, and I even tried to cancel it out right afterwards I was so spooked. Nothing bad happened, and I found out some time later that it had actually worked.

The spirits want to be summoned and to express their power in the world. As the person who has summoned them, for whatever reason they want to help you out and do what you ask. In some ways they are a part of you, so for them, helping you is like helping themselves.

Some spirits are often calmer than others, but I would set aside all your preconceived notions about angels and demons, or any other spirits for that matter. There is a large divide between what popular culture believes about these spirits and the actual lived experience of occultists who summon and work with them with an open mind. “Magick religions” like Wicca and more broadly the New Age movement tend to heavily distort occult reality as well. There is no “Law of Three-Fold Return,” for example. That’s basically just a marketing trick to make the religion more appealing to a wider audience. Many of the magickal ideas you find in books on these subjects (like your average law of attraction book) tend to be extremely watered-down and lacking in potency as well. Things like traditional witchcraft are much more accurate.

My suggestion for you is to look around the websites of the publishers that I mentioned and see what different books are on offer. There are many great works of magick being published these days if you know where to look. There are advanced books on evoking angels and demons, with long lists of spirits and their powers, there are books that go deep into subjects like money and sex magick, and there are books with quick, easy to use rituals that can let you start doing magick today.

If you know you want to work with certain spirits or have a specific problem or challenge you’d like to confront, I could point you to a specific book, but if possible I would encourage you to search around and allow your intuition to guide you to where you need to be. Magick has a way of reaching out for you, just as you are reaching for magick.


I will defintely look at the publishers you mentioned. I know what I want, I mean my intension isn’t to summon a spirit or any other entity just for doing it. I’ll do my research first, learn the names and power of spirits, see if my intuintion calls to any of them and understand who is the right one(s) for my purposes.
And you are right, I should let go of all the misconceptions and fear. Growing up in a generally christian household has caused me to believe many faulse ideas. I have let go of them in the past, for years now, but some sort of “fear” has remained as far as the risks are concerned. By learning more about entities, this feeling will go away. Learning and achieving my goals are far more important to me than this faulse feeling of insecurity.
Thank you so much for helping!

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