Suggestions for Q&A with EA: Practical Projects

My suggestion is for a regular, ongoing “Practical Projects” component to Q&A with EA.

Here’s how it could work:

  • Once each month, EA could do a short talk about, and evocation of, a selected energy-essence/consciousness. This could be a particular demon/god, rune, tarot card, chakra, siddhi etc - the possibilities are endless.

  • A mini-project utilising that essence for a particular stated outcome is then outlined by EA, and carried out by each of us individually. (Eg: a nine day evocation of that essence, meditation/pathworking, spell etc.).

Examples of Project Outcomes:

  • to open a portal to that essence that we can quickly and easily access as needed;
  • to open 3rd eye and improve the clarity and reliability of divination skills,
  • to practice and improve soul travel skills through group projects, or
  • to polish evocation skills, and reduce the time taken to manifest a specific object or state in the physical world.

(E.g.: a money month with Fehu or Halah’thor; a physical strength, endurance and vitality month; a relationship enhancement month, a protection/restoration and dynamic-defence month, and siddhi/ability-enhancement months.)

The results of our individual mini-project workings can be pooled and amplified to make it a powerful group working that can achieve measurable results in the physical world for each participant.

Within a year, we’ll all have a dozen more techniques in our magickal arsenal, and magicians of every level of experience will enjoy improved skills from exercising and strengthening god-like muscles in practical ways. And of course, we’ll be enjoying the fruits of our manifestations in the physical world.

And this body of work consisting of practical projects with measurable and achievable goals will encourage and inspire newbies to participate in the Evocation, Omniscience and Soul Travel courses.

Feel free to ad your suggestions for practical projects, to this post.

PS: As you can see from the above, I’m more into practical applications than eye-glazing and mind-numbing theoretical debates. However, there have been some Q&A episodes (eg; Magickal Advice to 16yo Self and Possession Shapeshifting), that contain some priceless gems. Each time I replay them, I get an extra dimension of understanding and inspiration. Thanks EA.

Not wishing to be an ass, but:

  • It means coordinating a lot of people in different time zones.

  • Koetting is probably super busy organizing the release of new courses and awesome info.

  • We’re probably super busy too with stuff!


  • We’d never get shit together because Black Magick is all about individual pursuits, and this is a Black Magick forum. Not saying that the forum denizens are self-centered or bad people, no sir, but I am saying that we surely discard ideas of co-op and feel taken back by thinking “well shouldn’t I be focusing on my stuff first?”

But I got some nice things you can benefit from!

  • Search people in your local area, some sort of coven. The inconvenience here is that everybody has their own opinion about stuff and magick, and you might find some distasteful people who will happen to eventually know your address!

  • Search in Chaos-magick related forums, Chaotes are always on he lookout for co-op. Hell, they came up with the term “reality hacking” and their slogan used to be “imanentize the Eschaton” for a long while. They’re the people who woud love to work together.

There is some precedent for group working, albeit not really orchestrated beyond giving a date and suggestions: Day of power May 10 according to E.A. - there was at least one other thread about it, as well: May 10th

Maybe once a month would be a heavy commitment for all of us, I can’t believe the amount of videos coming up on E.A.'s YouTube channel right now, we can barely keep up! :o) but there’s nothing to stop anyone on here proposing a group working, maybe for the upcoming Solstice - or even April 30th?

A lot of people here did their own stuff on May 10th and also the recent Winter Solstice which had such cool stuff going on.

Hey 333, Not at all. Your reply is welcome and your comments are valid.

Yes, everyone is CRAZY busy! And I’m sure that anyone who might be looking for a group to work with will find your suggestions useful. But that wasn’t my purpose for posting this thread.

The thing that first made EA’s work stand out for me against all the others was the “practical results” nature of his approach on the promotional youtube posts. My intention in writing this was to request more practical magick content and less theoretical debate in the vids.

My example was only that, (not set in stone), it was an attempt to put forward something positive instead of bellyaching about the negatives. Perhaps I could have made it clearer that I wasn’t proposing that everyone get together at a particular time and date, but to do the work individually, if and when they choose (like the exercises in the courses). After all, time at the crossroads is not necessarily linear :wink:

Hi Lady Eva,
Thanks for your input. Yes, once a month probably is too much for a full on 9 day working. But hopefully, a return to shorter, regular “practical” aspects to the vids would be do-able if others want that too.

As always you have relevant information at your fingertips and make it easily accessible to us with some very helpful and relevant links! Major props to you for all the fantastic work you do here on the forum.

It’s great to know there’s a steady stream of new youtube content coming up. Just please, PLEASE not more theoretical debates! :wink: