Suggestions for King Paimon offerings

Hi everyone. I know this question has been probably asked already and I did have a peak at searching for this. I would like to know what kind of offerings did you guys give King Paimon besides alcohol and chocolates. I’ve given him Alcohol, macaroons and donuts before and had no problems afterwards (assuming he liked it). I want to stretch things a bit and would like to know what else besides the regular I’ve offered. What I basically do when it comes to the offerings I always state that "I shall offer gifts on whatever feels right at the time (while shopping for offerings). Kind of like go whatever i feel the King would like when I see something.

So any other suggestions would be appreciated and you can feel free to tell me what he actually asked for too.


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He likes sweet grapes (the red ones), red wine (can be on the sweeter side), figs, dates, oriental sweets like Turkish delight, as well as artistic creations like a poem or drawing (doesn’t have to be brilliant, just something heartfelt and respectful), music, and generally a beautiful setting when you contact Him. Being an aesthete, He appreciates it if you have an eye for tasteful details, but most of all it’s the intent with which something is given, and that it’s given freely. Also, He loves roses.

He likes fancy stuff, but only if you are in a position where you can afford it. Most of all, He values your time and dedication to Him. As for the Mountain Dew ”legend“ (someone gave Him Mountain Dew for lack of anything else, and this kinda started somewhat of a trend and people started giving Him Mountain Dew): soft drinks in general are not the most classy choice, but if that’s all you have and offer it with a respectful attitude, it’s totally fine.


Thank you so much. You input is much appreciated.

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I edited your title so that it becomes clear what suggestions you’re looking for in particular. Hope that’s ok with you. This way, people who are working with King Paimon specifically are much more likely to notice your topic, while they might otherwise overlook it when it’s simply called ”suggestions“.

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Thank i actually did not want to put King Paimon in the title to avoid some folks bashing me with going to the search tool lol. But thank you for that.

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In my experiences he prefers the higher end sweets, music, art, and don’t be shy to get creative. He looks at the intentions and efforts more. :slight_smile:


I evoked him once because I couldn’t get him off of my mind and asked some questions. I gave him things precious to me. Apple pie I spent hours making from scratch. Balm of Gilead buds I paid a pretty penny for, smashed up, and created a makeshift incense. Coffee as caffeine is highly valued in this household. He seemed to accept the offerings fine.


He does enjoy sweet things and booze. I told him that when I next cook a roast chicken dinner, I will offer him a serving. He requested green beans as part of it.

He does seem to enjoy a gift more when it’s a sacrifice to you. For example, if you’ve got a delicious cake that you’d eat in a heartbeat, but instead of eating it all, you offer him some or all of it, that’s a sacrifice that he seems to appreciate.