Suggestion for a new path to work with

So yes , the balg site has several different paths to choose from, most notably the black and white paths. One thing though is I’m someone who pretty much tries to balance between the two, taking anything I might find useful from either as well as any other path.

My suggestion is for there to be a grey magic pathworking program, for people like me who try to balance between the left and right hands. To EA or anyone else who might read this, what do you think of this idea?

Like you, Defectron, I’m in favor of using whatever flavor of Magick that’ll serve my purpose at the time. I think the black v white thing is a shell game, anyhow. Just sayin’ :wink: Z

If he makes a grey path he would likely put it before vampirism and necromancy which would delay both, and I also believe you would benefit more from working through both paths separately.

I dont think there is such a thing as you must choose a path, then stick to it and only do that. The white, black, are mere denominations, provided to help people have a general idea of what the path is all about. I for one like to read and study a lot of paths, and then create my very own, based on all the theories I read.

The Northern Tradition Magic is grey. The Odianer is bipolar between two
extrems fire and ice. He knows that both are needed to build the world.

A lot people don`t understand Odins ways. The story, where he forced himself
on Rind is often seen as rape. It is the same rape the sunrays do in spring, to break thru the frosted earth, so the seeds start to grow.

Ditto, Hocmah, and well phrased. At the end of the day, I suspect MOST of us are that way. I mean, once I began to really get into actually Practicing it was like being at a vast buffet: I sampled a little of this, a little of that, finding what resonated with me, what served my purposes … AND discarding things as I found more efficient, more powerful methods. I don’t even bother with MOST of the things I considered “necessary” ten or even five years ago.

Seems I recall Timothy saying somewhere that YOU are the only tool you REALLY need. And I agree, based on my experience. All the ‘tools’ I’ve used & discarded, I discarded because in the very use of them, I came to recognize I didn’t WANT to need them.

In the meantime, whatever “gets ya there” right? We have the utter freedom of Mind to wander in the desert for 40 days or for 40 years, or we can find ourselves a short-cutout of it … “How to Become a Living God” is my short-cut.

I believe the crux of the matter is: how much am I willing to believe in my inherent RIGHT to live by my own Power - the way a god lives … and WHEN? :wink: Z