Suggestion for a curse to get somebody

Ok so here’s the thing: I want a curse or spell to get somebody for trying to hurt me with a curse. She actually hired a magician to direct the curse at me. But I know she was her. Luckily the receptionist there was my friend and she told me abou it. Any suggestions? I want any type of curse you can suggest except death curses.

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Thank you Lady Eva tottaly forgot 'bout that.

I’m a proponent of fitting the punishment to the crime, but I do have a question- what kind of curse was she trying to direct on to you? A death curse?

Multipurpose one. Death and sickness mainly.

Is your enemy able to see or hear spirits? If you don’t want her dead, it may suffice to send your spirit allies to haunt her.

A friend of mine has a frenemy who desecrated my friend’s temple. He was knocking stuff down and saying nothing will happen because spirits aren’t real, and that my friend needs to grow up.

The spirits proceeded to torment this frenemy for a week, making themselves and their displeasure quite apparent, to the point that the frenemy had to beg my friend to call them off. They were leaving bruises, making themselves visible, knocking him around like he did to the things in the temple, haunting his dreams, keeping him from resting or eating, making him think he was going crazy - nonstop for a week. My friend finally asked these spirit friends to stop, and they did.

To this day, the frenemy won’t admit to the existence of spirits and magic, but he didn’t attack my friend’s beliefs or temple again after that.

In my opinion, that warrants a death curse, but I understand that you don’t want that.

You have various options, however, to make her resent ever crossing you.

  • Confusion spells on aspects of her life and on her in general to distort her perceptions and make her make mistakes.

  • Spells to cut off her income flow, with the eventual goal of leaving her homeless/starving. A slow way, but if you do take these spells far enough, they can result in death.

  • Kill people around her.

  • Bind her from being able to expand in her career, social life, etc. and so forth.

  • Madness spells to drive her insane, potentially to the nearest ward, and make her hallucinate and have nightmares.

  • “Wall” spells to trap her life as it is and leave her unable to break free from them, with an emphasis on boredom.

  • Curses to leave her in a vegetative state, coma, etc.

Do any of these sound like something you’d do? If so, I can provide spells of the chosen nature(s) that have worked for me in the past.

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