Sugar for increasing money flow

This simple little trick increases money flow, into your life in many ways, so be careful what you think about as ways you can receive more money, if you only think work, then that will happen, if you are open to many ways, or unlimited that will happen.

Need for this Ritual
1 dollar bill, any currency
Glass jar, smaller is easier for this such as a baby food jar
Cane Sugar

On the night of a full moon place the rolled up bill into the jar, cover the bill with sugar entirely, seal the jar, place in the window were the moon light will glow on the jar, and remove the jar on the night of the next new moon. Spell completed and you will see results all along the way and even after its removed and you may redo the ritual over and over again but with a new bill and jar and sugar each time to keep the flow coming in.


are you supposed to cover the jar, during the day?

nope do not touch the jar in the window at all do not disturb it at all or allow anyone else to touch it, just remove it from the window the day after the new moon appeared that night before. empty the sugar out, take the dollar bill and do what you want with it, giving it away is better, shows your giving to receive. Do what you want with the jar. Don’t reuse for same spell.


interesting, i will consider those words.
~you have my thanks, blond hypnotist :thinking:

Gonna have to try this out next month.