Suffer then death curse

I am interested in cursing my friend’s ex boyfriend to death. I would prefer that he suffer first, but I don’t want his misery to make him cause more problems for the girl. So unless that can be avoided, I guess I’d prefer a quick death. Can someone point me in a direction that can magickally get this done? I would prefer that you have real world experience with the particular curse that you are recommending.

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Outside of doing an evocation of specific spirits, vampirism and necromancy. I’ve had success with all three of these curses, the last one can be made much more aggressive and painful to the victim depending on how you word the incantation and how you visualize the end result.


Thanks. I’ll check all of them out.

Theres a lot you can do, but before I’d recommend anything, do some soul-searching and ask yourself if there is something within you that needs to be adjusted or balanced. Often times we place others in our paths to teach us a lesson and to assist with our ascension and growth.

That being said, if he truly wronged and/or hurt you in an unforgivable way, Do what thou wilt, as the rule of the law. Just make sure to do some spiritual baths before and after to cleanse yourself.