Sudden sleep paralyze

I felt sudden sleep paralyze yesterday i couldn’t move at all and i was feeling like i was floating. I could barely see someone is watching me very close by. My girlfriend was sleeping beside me and i did not see her beside me. I tried to move my hand and i realised i mildly choked her with my hand. Any opinions on this?

Slept paralysis could be numerous things how ever you sound like you were in the middle of astral travel…even tho you couldn’t move you were in an putter body experience just not in control of it honestly so no harm just next time stay relaxed and try to move each limb one at a time

Alright.thank you for the info…however i have experienced this a lot. Sometimes i even feel like I’m flying through the wall and sometimes i could see my self sleeping like a mirror.

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Happens just normal astral travel life lol

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