Sucessful evocation but got bitten in the process

Ok so I’ve been working really hard since I was last on here, I’ve done so really successful work! However, want some opinions on this i successfully evoked Belial & Lucifer together, I gave my request and it was given to me, but I awoke the following morning with a bite on my leg! No blood stain on the sheets but a a proper wide set of teeth marks which had broken the skin … Anyone have any thoughts? I’ll upload some pics.

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Ive read that during pacts some entities will mark you. Did you make some form of agreement?

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Yes we did, well I made my requests and what I would do in return. Standard bilateral pact lol! So do you think this maybe a kind of demonic signature? In fairness it didn’t seem malicious more like a stamp that drew blood but not like an attack mark. Just teeth imprints. Lol! Thanks for responding it’s much appreciated

My thigh was really red (a a weird sort of red and blotchy) and swollen just above kneecap. It was really only like a top set of teeth that was really visable, you could see a bottom set but it was almost as if a top set of teeth had been pressed into my skin. I’ve had all the kids male tooth impressions in my arm but mouths too snail and far too big for dog or cat! However I feel ficking great since (after first couple of days) and weirdly even though it wasn’t really deep it’s scarred in perfect arc lol

I’ve been bitten twice now, this one on my thigh and sane mark just above ankle. I def think it’s like a signature. The bites only happen when I make pacts. I’ve been talking to another magician about the last bite, they freaked me out a bit tbh but its all worked successfully. Has anyone else been marked by an entity during or after a ritual/ pact etc?

I’ve been marked. Bite on my neck and sprayed twice. It can happen with pacts and contracts not always though.

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thanks for your replies! It was definitely a demonic mark, have had the exact same right down to size snd shape and amount of teeth lol each time I have some kind of vision or prompt on new knowledge it’s really strange.

As for the the feeling of of something crawling down my face, I don’t think I’d like that either!

My new thing is amplifying my spirit connections with crystals, it def works once you get the right mix.