Hello everyone, I wanted to share some things that have happened over the last 24 hours since I used the guide on this forum to summon a succubus. During the summoning, I began to meditate and saw a blue orb with a red dot in the middle. It grew in size and then shrunk and dissapeared after I said “come here”. I was pretty disappointed but nonetheless continued for the rest of the 30 minutes. I was not touched or felt any sort of presence until after I went to sleep. My dreams were pretty normal. Waking up however, I could feel a sort of pressure all around my body. I felt heavy as if the air was pushing up against me. My whole body had this sort of pressure including my head. A few hours went by and I was sitting at work with this pressure still there. All of the sudden it just vanished and I felt “normal” again.

Was this a form of first contact with the succubus? I searched the forums for “body pressure” but could not find much besides 3rd eye pressure. Some insights into this would be greatly appreciated.

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Hmm it may be, for me… Seems like spirits in general seem to like manifesting in form of an energy or pressence… I believe that it could be possible what You state here… I would suggest keeping up Your training, but always remember to treat beings You summon with respect :blush: I wish You good luck :slight_smile:

I think the person to ask about this is @succupedia. He’s sort of the resident expert on succubus things around here.


Definitely. Some of the first forms of contact will be that pressure. For me it was strongest in my chest and stomach. You might start smelling random scents too. And tickles on your feet or twitching.

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Signs to look out for when doing the Letter Of Intent-ritual:

  • Invisible physical pressures, primarily on the head, but also on other parts of the body.
  • Paranormal events: Moving shadows, apparitions within mirrors and shadow figures appearing on the corners.
  • While lying in bed, sensational feelings of “floating” or “sinking” through the bed in different directions, or a feeling of someone carrying you around on circular steps or in other directions.
  • Featherly touches on different parts of your body.
  • The feeling of having an invisible hat or a winters cap on your head and invisible hands or physical energy caressing your hair.
  • Partial sleep paralysis with twitching legs. Most people are terrifying about these kinds of events, but once fear is removed, it is a pleasant experience and it happens for a reason.
  • Sexual initiation and arousal through touches. They have the active role of sexual initiation, not you.

I can make a much bigger list of other things to pay attention to, but this will do for now. :slight_smile: