Succubus Trait Inheritance

I thought of an intriguing question earlier today.

Do succubi and incubi inherit traits from any of the Queens, such as Naamah, Lilith, Eisheth Zenunim, or Agerath?

They can, yes, the same as any child will present similar traits to their parents.

Now I feel kind of dumb. :joy:

It is cool none the less

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And if you produce a child with a succubus, that child will inherit some traits from YOU :slight_smile:

Yeah that would be interesting. I still wonder how all of that would work out. It would be cool at some point to do that.

I know a cambion is half and half I wonder what they would inherit from each person.

Spiritual children are a mix of the spiritual components of the parents.

There are many here who have had children with various spirits. I know @succupedia has had some with his wives, and you can find @Lady_Eva 's post about her experience with her demonic child with a quick search, if you’re interested.

Also, it is not limited to gender. A man can gestate a spiritual child as well. There are at least a couple of male forum members who have done so.

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I learned everything i know about the art of being a Sucubi from DAMKINA (Lilith) and yes. I find when i dont feed i get angry or easily fustrated (pretty much magickal Hangry), and luckily she trained me well enough that i can feed on any life force, not just sexual. And no we dont inherit anything unless your mother or father is a natural Sucubi or Incubi. If the gift is learned & then trained its just a skill like anything else. I was a natural born Sucubi in my First! Past life. Meaning i am a natural born sucubi or incubi in any life i reincarnate into. That is the only inherit thing a natural born Sucubi can get.

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How did you learn it was a past life?

I’ve been wondering about this for a while on how to find out past lives.