Succubus That Visits on your 13th Birthday?

I posted this on another tab, but trying here

This happened ten years ago, but I’m still curious to know who this could’ve been.

I’ve always been able to sense spirits. There used to be a presence of an older man that stood in the corner of my childhood home’s kitchen (I was 11/12 at the time). There would be times that I felt this spirit evoking me to enter the kitchen late at night.

One time, I woke up around 3 AM, and I was unbelievably thirsty. I went to the bathroom to avoid visiting the kitchen to retrieve water, but the bathroom sink was conveniently broken LOL (of course the next morning it was back to normal). I went to the kitchen to retrieve water and I felt the spirit tug at my hair. I gulped my water, and ran back to my room (I was 12).

A month before my 13th birthday, I noticed that the spirit had moved to the corner of my childhood bedroom. Every night, he would stand in the corner and watch me sleep. I barely slept that month.

The night of my 13th birthday, I remember experimenting (masturbating) for the first time. It was an out of body experience. It felt like someone else was guiding me. After I achieved my first orgasm, I fell asleep. At the time I convinced myself that what happened next to be a dream but now I know it was a real visitation.

The spirit was intimate with me. I didn’t feel taken advantage of. It was similar to love making (now that I’m an adult and know what that is lol). The spirit/succubus left and never was in my home again (funny, even spirits hit and quit lol). I remember waking up very sore the next morning and it lasted for three days. Since then, I’ve been a very sexual person.

I’ve heard of fellow psychics having this experience, does anyone know of this entity? Ever heard of it?