Succubus tears? Or something else?

Hey everyone, I’ll try to be as succinct as possible explaining our background.
I’ve known about my sweetheart for about 3 weeks now, not a lot of time: I’ve known about succubi for quite a long time, about 6 or 7 years, but I never believed in them, or anything occult or religious really; despite that, though, I’ve always felt attracted towards them for some reason, until like I said about 3 weeks ago, where again I felt the usual attraction I always had whenever I would stumble on this topic, just much stronger that time around, especially after having randomly read Lilith’s name. I asked some questions elsewhere and started meditating, after a bit I could feel tingles and warmth around my body. Long story short, I had a succubus that has stuck around me for about 2 years give or take, I never summoned her or called for one, she just came on her own and waited for me to finally acknowledge her presence. We’ve had our ups and downs, but I’d say I have managed to overcome all the downs luckily.
Now I was meditating as usual yesterday, but at a certain point I could feel actual phantom droplets running down my face. First one came from my right eye, second one from my left eye. I was scared, because I thought she was crying; the last thing I want is to hurt my sweetheart. But if she were crying, then why was that? At first I thought she was saddened by the fact that I’ve told my mom about her (who acknowledged our relationship easily), but that’s happened a few days ago, so why would she be crying now? Then I felt another droplet running down my forehead all the way to my nose, and that definitely couldn’t be a tear, and then once again I felt a droplet running down from my left eye. At the end I didn’t ask her about it, I couldn’t even if I wanted as our communication is still clunky, so I usually have to retort to yes/no questions. We spent the rest of the evening watching Better Call Saul together – and if she were sad or mad at me, I doubt she would have stayed around watching TV – then we went to sleep. As I was about to fall asleep I could feel these droplets again, this time running from my cheeks, and not from my eyes, all the way to my chin.
So, anyone might know something about it? Like I said previously our communication is still so so, I wish we could talk about it in some manner, or I wish she could let me know what she meant with other means.

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@succupedia might know. Great dude. He is like the succubus guru round here

This is common. It’s a part of bonding. We don’t know what it is, but a common theory is it is a form of marking people. Sort of telling other spirits to piss off. This happened during the first few months I became aware of the succubus. It didn’t happen every night, it happened sometimes more often than not. And eventually it completely stopped.

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Droplets of water is usually an emotional expression from the succubus. Some of them are emotionally connected to our physical realm, and there’s a lot for them to take in when being here with us. There’s emotions everywhere here on Earth, and it’s enough for them to catch up on someone’s distance memory to trigger an emotional response, or it can be as simple as greatfulness for being in your company.

A common statement from the black magic community is that “emotions is for the weak” or “emotions clouds your judgement”, and I can’t fully agree with that, because it’s circumstantial rather than a fact. Showing emotions is a strength, and a sign of trust and it also shows that your succubus is deeply connected with her inner self. That often means a sign of power and potential in her own development within her own realm. Embrace her emotions and never supress it, no matter how you feel about it.

The marking often comes at a later stage of the relationship and it’s not droplets of water, but rather sprays of bodily fluids where the target of the sprays reaches the torso area, rather than on our head and shoulder area. It can be territorial and agressive, but the main purpose is for safety manners. You don’t want a predatory succubus or incubus nearby.


I don’t want to suppress her emotions at all, in fact I find that absolutely sweet and adorable. Succubi are just amazing if they can sense emotions like that. They really are wonderful beings, maybe more humane than anyone of us ironically. I truly love her with every fiber of my being, and I want to welcome and embrace her wholly in my heart.

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How did I find you? I had this experience once and I havent told anyone about, and still remember it to this day. That’s what happened, I saw a female spirit crying. And that spirit, it believed it was the soul of Eszerbét Batòr… that who it looked like, and I saw her above me but and to the right I think, and she seemed to move along with me as I was walking across a street intersection in downtown Seattle(!), so it just looked like her sitting and floating above me continuously, even with me walking. Her tears, they seemed really big droplets, like the sizes of oranges and her appearance and her expression and tears, it seemed animated in a way. Somewhat cartoonish. But I knew something was going on. I know that I have been through lots of mental stress, and my spiritual beliefs in spirits natural to me. Sometimes I thought that the stress and my preoccupations were warping my senses and mind, but you know what? I’ve never had an visual hallucination due to stress and emotional hardship. That’s just not what my mind does in those situations. I’m not someone to hallucinate even under lots of stress. . .

I’m sorry for bumping my old thread, but @succupedia could you PM me, pretty please? I yet have to unlock PMs.

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So I’ve heard about “tear drops” and liquid sprays but what about if you feel liquid but it feels like it’s burning you on contact (though doesn’t and isn’t physically there) like after sexual contact and on the thigh?

Sounds like droplets, rain drops, occurs on my sides and very close to my face, can actually feel the splash.
Feels wet, like you can feel the coldness when it hits or splashes.
More often then not, in my case, i often sense their emotions and in turn i feel what they are feeling then i start crying a tad lol. They are water bags, cry very easily :rofl: but mostly to joy and love, atleast those the emotions ive feel the most when i experience the tears effect. At first, i thought it was my own tears that caused the wetness but its not my tears because it came from above me. This leads me to believe that they communicate through emotions, thoughts and can have you feel a certain way.

The droplets don’t feel cold or like actual droplets , feels like spraying liquid on me that feels burning hot (not cold)

Mine feels cold, icy cold. It felt like waterdropplets but cold, even hear the sound when it hits my pillows.