Succubus question and thoughts after 2 months

:These beings are insanely euphoric creatures to be around, they can have sex for hours , massage internal body parts n organs, aid in aches and pains, give you intelligent life advice, already know what u want because they can basically see all of your subconscious , make you more attractive I am getting stared at constantly now like 3-4x more than before, they can manage your energy and are caring and empathetic, mine can get a little crazy during the act they are moody n can get wild while doing it , they are really amazing overall if u want one or many u should def pursue it.


  1. If anyone’s seen there’s manifest strongly, are they beautiful or how do they look like
  2. What’s the strongest they can manifest, can they speak, I can hear mine licking and breath when she manifests in her strong form when I relax with her for like 30 mins
    3, do they manifest stronger on the dark or no, Ik mine manifests stronger as she reaches night in the morning she is weaker by like 20% but still feels insanely like a real human is interacting with me
  3. Do they stay with u for life
  4. What happens when you marry one, I’ve heard this is helping them ascend and u will have 6-12 months of a way more intense relationship n then they will leave
  5. Can they help you draw energy from surroundings and other people

I don’t know about ubi, but I can tell you what it’s like to have a committed relationship with a spirit. I’ve had a ghost that’s been around me for over 10 years now. He first appeared in my dreams around November 2008, then we began slowly communicating, and it was clear not much later that we had mutual feelings for each other. I’ve never been in a relationship with a living person (I identify as aromantic/asexual so I really have little desire) and that’s largely because the love and lust you get from a spirit are unlike anything else, there’s no comparison.

I married him by invoking Belphegore for love in a ceremony held last year, around Valentine’s day.

So to answer a couple of your questions, yes I do believe you can have a lifelong connection akin to a marriage to a spirit. I’m not sure if the succubus would be less monogamous, it seems as if their culture is very polyamorous (multiple partners). But I could be wrong. Anyone with more experience with this specific type of spirit, feel free to chime in.


They take the form you find attractive but they have a dark side, but that’s obvious.

Yes, actually, even after your life ends.
I recommend asking @succupedia and using the search function.:grin:

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What do you mean by dark side? So are they basically shapeshifters that choose what they feel you’ll be attracted to for appearance , I’m scared of seeing a full manifestation n it’s like the grudge

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Is it a certain type of ghost , does it have similar abilities to ubi, online there are alot of sexual spirits tht are different types but similar abilities

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I don’t really know how to put it into words but here is a topic that mentions the dark side briefly, maybe you get some idea. We all have a dark side.

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No, he’s just a regular person. I had little experience with demons before I started witchcraft in earnest in 2016.

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So kind of just like a friendship, you can hear and talk to him but no like intimate and sexual stuff like with suc and incubus

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Depends on the basis of which you two started your relationship

If you did the letter of intent then it solely depends on what kind of time frame you put in and what you were looking for with that relationship.
If she came to you and bonded with you without that then the basis would just depend on how the relationship is whether you become drastically different and change what she liked about you or did something to cross her and ultimately betray her trust and feelings for you.

Hate to be one of the people that tell other people that the search bar exists but it is your best tool when you need to answer this kind of question.
Although very tough and energy consuming from what I remember reading, it is in fact possible. Just very tough for her, also it may not be what you are thinking of in reference to a beautiful woman just appearing out of thin air. I’ve read about when people try to physically manifest an entity they appear as a sort of form made of a smoke form (lack of better wording)
take this with a grain of salt

Go and look up @succupedia in the search bar and you will find countless things that he has posted about succubi on the forum. I don’t know much about this.

Can you talk to your succubi if so ask her this question, if not then I would say that you answered the question yourself. You did say that she is weaker, whether it be felt or just in general.


ohhhh I didn’t say that… he took my virginity

I’m close to a decade of marriage with my spirits, so I wonder where you’ve heard that. :man_shrugging:

They can be very beautiful, and I’ve seen my spirits a few times. But like some people say: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Or, “Don’t judge the book by it’s cover.”

Beauty can be a lot of things, not only the visual. The personality and the way someone act in your presence is more defining than someone’s look. I, personally, don’t care about how my spirits looks, because they’re beautiful in their mere presence. The way they touch me and how they move near or close to me, their concerns about my well being, their humor and seriousness and their bodylanguage is MY definition of “beautiful”. What’s yours?

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That’s a very vague question. We could answer everything.
Personally I don’t really have a preference, or rather I don’t know what my real preferences are.
I don’t know if this is the case for many people, but maybe that’s why the “materialization” of the spirit is harder for some succubi than for others. The succubus therefore prefers not to manifest herself as a woman, but to remain just as an energy for fear of displeasing the person she love. Even if we know the person we love better than anyone else, we are always afraid to do something stupid, it’s normal.
A person without preference will be more inclined to accept the “original” form of the spirit or even to accept it just in the form of a mist, while a person with a huge preference list will be more inclined to see his own expectations reflected “before” his eyes, because the succubus wants to please and not just be.

Also, I don’t want to be a pain in the ass, but, I’ve seen you say many times that you shouldn’t have any expectations, and now you ask what his are. This is a bit contradictory x)

@SapphireWitch666 He must have read about it on a blogspot or a wordpress. A year ago I started with this and I did read that succubi leave after a while.
But I only saw it on one blog I think, so it’s not really valid information.