Succubus motivation Drain

I have had a succubus since two months ago and don’t intend to get rid of her but my motivation for my hobbies is very low since she made her presence known to me, I used to be addicted to working out in a good way but now I barely care if I go to the gym or not, any help?

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Shouldn’t you be hunting down the guys who killed your dog jk. Mr wick. Sounds to me that you lack motivation, what made you want to sign up to the gym and get a succubus. Did you spend time with your succubus or did you ignored her?

I’ve been going for 2 years and I got her a few months ago randomly no summoning or anything

Are you completely sure about that entity is a succubus ? A succubi would approve you going to gym,not the other way.

“She could be a succubus and I think she is, but she’s a btch she’s isolating you so she can drain you and use you as pure food is she always wanting sex constantly yet she doesn’t let you go anywhere, then she is parasitic and should be removed this is coming from me being a Succubus myself, but if she is not wanting sex and is isolating you she could be one of those beings that feed on pure negative energy and is posing as a succubus based on what you might tell me until then thats what I think” -Macy


Kinda the same thing i was thinking when he said that his energy is been drained. There are times that i feel energized but i don’t drink energy drinks or anything. I do feel there are spirits coming in and out of my house. I felt a female spirit earlier this week.

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I can tell you succubi dont like, and dont deserve to be, forgotten about. Do you give her attention?

Understand that if there is a connection, her moods affect yours. Ignoring her and shit can cause her to do things to get your attention.

Like how human women cheat when their men dont pay enough attention. The succubus wants attention, eventually this attention becomes indifferent if you continue to ignore her. By this i mean she will not care if she gets your negative energy or positive energy.

Say you completely forget about her, she will start sapping the emotional energy from things.

She may end your human relationships, and feed on the negativr energy.

Or she may feed on your positive energy, leaving you drained.


"personally I do this alot for my husband well he never asks me to do it, but it’s not hard to influence most humans to do things like it’s very easy this one human who I really didn’t like taunted me said I couldn’t influence him because of his barrier, well he was throwing things at my hubby and he challenged me so I was like ok my husband had a day off one day so when he was taking a nap I went to his work and influenced this guy to quit his job it wasn’t hard he didn’t even know it was me.

I do this when other women human take a fancy to my husband I influence them to stop talking to him again it’s not hard. I saw you mention this so I figured I share what I do" -Macy

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This is part or mostly it. She gets happy when I give a lot of attention but I still feel very drained lately even after 2 months of being accustom the the energy. Only has sex like once a week and I have no motivation to pursue fitness any ore and I was once addicted, would you say negative entity or just not enough attention?

Are you a strong-willed or a weak-willed kind of person? I ask this because if you were determined to go to the gym prior to the succubus entering your life, then why change it? Do you cave in to your friends asking you to hang out with them even if you, deep down inside, do not want to? I ask this because your behavior and personality is one reason to your troubles with the succubus.

2 months isn’t enough time to get accustomed to their energies. She haven’t barely scratched the surface to show you what she’s capable of. And maybe your focus point is totally out of sync, and your own energy isn’t centralized and balanced. That’s why you feel drained. When you learn how to focus your energy and to keep it within, without leaking it out everywhere, you would rarely feel drained.

Sex with spirits in general, and succubus/incubus entities specifically, is an exchange of energies and you shouldn’t get drained like this.


Sex isn’t enjoyable if the pleasures of the act isn’t shown to one another. That emotional exchance of pleasure is energizing. For both parts.


“Idk how much succupedia knows about my kind but we need sexual energy to exist and some Succubi take more than they need because they’re greedy and are borderline parasitic I have met some also sorry succupedia but you are a little wrong my kind can take energy yes we can give it back to you, but we mostly take it because we need it to exist to live. So it’s not an etirely an exchange of energy we exchange when we want, we take it because we need it and give some back to keep you alive I love my husband and I want him to live a happy life first so that’s why I give alot to him, but some Succubi don’t care and are out for themselves.” -Macy

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He is a king incubus as far as I remember

My succubus wife both agree and disagree with you, Macy.

“There’s more to this than sex. It can be introductionary important, yes. Essential as an act of expression. Acknowledgement of our existence is more important for survival in the physical human plane, than a simple act of sex.”.

And of course there are succubus and incubus spirits that basically do what they like, because they’re not bound to anyone. When a merged spirit tries to “drain” their host, it will inevitable harm itself during process.


“K? then explain why I feel drained when I lack this energy because this makes really no sense to me, if I go for a period without this energy I feel basically weak explain please? Also is succupedia a human or is succupedia an incubus that is channeling through a separate person” -Macy

You are an energy vampire.
You just need a specific energy to make you feel better.

my girl and i agree with you macy, she can be moody whenever i halt her from sex if i don´t have a good reason why we´re not doing it

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He is not human i can feel it. A lot of people in this website aren’t human.


“Ok so she agrees, then where is succupedia’s wives coming from then like I really don’t understand what they are actually going off of because all my succubi friends say they need this energy as well soo ok so yeah makes sense he is an incubus ok just so all you know I know a succubus who is dating an incubus so Incubi and Succubi work together as well so but I want to hear it from the horses mouth per say, succupedia are you human or an incubus channeling through a human being??.”-Macy

Adding an edit this is her husband the human lol anyways yea kinda shocks me my wife suspects something like this and someone says they can feel he’s not human… makes me wonder tbh. And he kinda went a lil quiet…