Succubus lovers: What are the disadvantages of this type of relationships?

Hello I’m new to the occult but had interest in succubi for many years
I have a question to those who are in a relationship with a succubus or incubus.
Everything I read so far seems to be that a relationship with a succubus is better in every way than one with a human: better sex, they’re more loving, they can teach you a lot, etc.
I would also like to know is there are any downsides.
My only gess would be that it’s more difficult to see or touch them.


I wanted to link and old thread addressing this issues (and saying otherwise), but it seems to be gone now.

In any event, I’ve read the opposite quite a lot, so I know there is people who thinks the exact opposite. Since I’m not into that ubi stuff I’m not talking from personal experience, just letting you know the opposite does, indeed, exist.


Er…no one that has had a functional relationship on both sides would say this. It’s fantasy koolaid to use a blanket statement like that. So do them a favor and slap them upside the head.

There are a TON of threads on this subject on these forums. Use the search function.


I was thinking about a thread that talked about pros and cosn with tings like dygestive problems and yada yada, Lady Eva and Succupedia also commented that post but I couldn’t find it.

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Same one. Is not available anymore.


I would disagree with this. You can do this sort of magick and get good benefits from it, but the point is not to avoid human relationships.

If you want to explore the possibilities of experiences that you can have with sexual spirits, I would be selective with regards to the magickal methods that you use to achieve this. I would personally suggest the book Adventures in Sex Magick. The book doesn’t describe a method for contacting these sorts of spirits, but if you practice the magick and use the sigil in the book you will gain this ability naturally.

I, personally, do not recommend trying to have a sexual relationship directly with known spirits such as demons. I do not believe that encourages the sort of relationship that is most effective for demonic magick, and in my opinion is often seen in LARPy contexts. You can absolutely have a relationship with a spiritual being, where it communicates with you psychically and has influences on the world and people around you, and perhaps some other people have better success with other approaches than I do, but in my opinion many get too caught-up in the sexual experience and then do not manifest any real results in their actual life.

All you need to do is put the intention to contact a succubus out there and one (or more) will come to you. If you connect with the Enochian sigil in the book I mentioned, you will gain the ability to create succubi through a variety of means and to experience intense energetic sensations of pleasure unlike anything you have ever previously experienced. You can use external images and the like as a base from which a succubus can be created with a unique personality, feel, and qualities which are likely to help you explore, deepen, and heal your sexuality.

This isn’t as difficult as it may sound, but you do need to cultivate some occult skills. Concentration is necessary to focus on the experience and the energy and not get distracted. The better you can tangibly feel magickal energy, the more potential you will have to experience these pleasures. This isn’t dry humping a pillow, it is a combination of mind-body sensations generated purely with the mind that can overwhelm you with love, comfort, and pleasure.

Yes, it’s kinda weird, but is it really so weird to love yourself? Or to accept that you are a lovable being capable of being desired? Not just tolerated, but desired? Regardless, the pleasure you can feel is insanely incredible.

I would focus on giving your succubus partner orgasms and see where it goes from there. I would also make sex magick sigils part of your practice. This sort of magick is very effective anyways at manifesting real results in the material world, money, power, transformation, success.



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I personally do not have a permanent relationship with a succubus or incubus. But I have had my experiences mostly do to me working with Lilith and the little bit of path working I did with her.

To me on this subject is gray. I agree that it’s not exactly healthy to just have relationships with only spirits and not go out and have fun. We after all live in this world to experience it and grate things to learn and experience is just outside our door. So being one of those that crammed into their bedroom 24/7 with a summoning book isn’t the way to go. Unfortunately obsession does exist in this field of work. You just crave for more and more. Unfortunately that’s how most that first step onto this path becomes unstable and even to the point of insanity.

But however I want to express a positive note on relationships with spirits in general. It can be healing especially to those that have way to much baggage or feel uncomfortable to find a relationship on that level here. Not saying this is a substitute for actual professional help. If that is the case for those out there, please get it. But if you are needing a partner who can aid you in this and do not mind what is to come from it then it can be quite amazing. There is some like myself that have this to deepen the connection to and with this being. You spent enough time in each other’s presence that you just want to go a bit further, meaning you built up that trust and understanding.

There are those that simply enjoy having relationships on this level and live healthy and happy lives. Some yes have both. It is possible however it is something that is discussed before hand so both parties are ok with it. But before jumping in and get a pension for a partner, really really think about it hard.

This isn’t like having a servitor that you made or some thought form you can erase. There is a form of comment to this and that is why some don’t feel comfortable with this.

They are very real beings that have feelings and needs. They are not just someone to just cough up only because your lonely that one moment. Yes there is ones you can summon just to get a taste of per say. But even them have feelings and needs. Meaning it’s just like getting a blind date. If you truly want to have a better understanding about them write up a pension to Lilith and her children, explain to her and them as well how you are curious about who they really are and want to learn more about them. However be honest with this. They can tell if your just doing it for the bed experience or for actual Academic purposes too and even this be prepared because you may get a mix bag. So in the beginning be very very specific on what you want and be very clear. Set your lines down then and not latter. Last thing you want is confusion let alone an angry person only because you didn’t make it clear that you wanted to have a partner that is here as well. That be a big oooofff moment that I know some had and wasn’t pretty. :poop:

A few examples I personally had is from one that was very dominant and used my necklace to choke me while trying to pleasure me. To a few that was supper gentle and helped heal a few things in me. The most recent was a succubus that was in my living room. She was just laying about on one of the recliners. She took one look at me and basically stuck her long tongue out in a very cough interesting way. Honestly she was just teasing me lol.

This of course goes to any type of spirit out there. You will find some are for this type of relationships while others are not. I am for one to use their own energy to achieve things. Sexual energy has limitless possibilities. Yet to me at least, I have found things about myself that I was not aware of until I was shown by the individual. I have learned a grate deal and had plenty of good memories and experiences. So really it’s up to you. There is no right or wrong as long as you do it to better your self and doing it in a healthy way.


A relationship with an ubi (succubus or incubus) brings many benefits, but it is not better or worse than a relationship with another human being. It is simply different, it cannot be compared. It’s a wonderful experience but difficult to classify. Sex is amazing, of course. But it’s also very interesting and enriching on a spiritual level. In my experience it is easier to feel them than see them, but if you have a developed third eye you could do both.
But if you have any specific questions, you can ask :blush:

Totally agree. These are sentient, sensitive and very intelligent creatures. In fact, most cases of aggressive ubis have their origin in someone who has used them, either sexually or to avoid taking responsibility for their own desires and fears.
It is also true that it resembles a blind date. I mean, you invoke an ubi consciously or unconsciously, but you will never know who it is until you meet them. They have different personalities, hobbies and tastes, just like us.
You can also fall in love with one without realizing it, and he/she with you.

And yes, please. Don’t forget that you live in a in a materic world full of exploration possibilities. You can also explore it with the ubis themselves, it’s fun when they interact with other humans through yourself.


Thank you, that’s very helpful.
By the way you described the succubus in your recliner it seems like you able to actually see them, is that something common or it doesn’t happen so often?

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Thanks, to be honest I was never very interested in relationships in the material world, I think it’s because the type of people I like is extremely rare, that’s because the concept of spiritual relationships seems much more appealing, I guess the only way to really know is to try

I like how you touched on the “larpy” part of ubi encounters. It’s almost as if a lot of what’s posted on here are people kidding themselves.

But to answer the original poster’s question: In my opinion it depends on the personality of the succubus. Some can be jelous, abusive, harmful and the like. Then there’s the physical contact aspect of it. You might feel as if someone is brushing their fingers along your face or any other part of your body while you are trying to sleep. Almost like asmr. But full blown visible and tangible manifesation is rare. I have no clue why though. If they can do it, why not do it every time, you know?

You’re gonna have to mostly rely on lucid dreaming and astral projection to interact with her.

Those are the only drawbacks I can see.


I understand you, human relationships aren’t always satisfactory. You can also turn to these entities for companionship, no problem there. Just don’t neglect the tangible world, it can be dangerous. Otherwise ubi relationships are a fascinating thing where you will learn a lot.


No not always. Once in a blue moon I would get a vision of them, dreams of them or a brief image of them. Most part I would just sense their presence and how they are feeling. My ability of sight isn’t the strongest.

Hellooo! Can anyone ask you questions on the topic? :sweat_smile:

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comment 6 and 12 are helpful

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A succubi is a evil reality, at night, between 2h00 and 04h00 they are active and manipulates your 1st root chakra. The sexual energy is transformed into their advantages. Mostly not to our benefit.

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In my limited experience, I’ve had some chance encounters with the daughters of Lilith.

And I don’t hesitate to say that it can be one of the most edifying and spiritually wholistic experiences when it occurs in a positive manner.

One such experience is a big part of what catapulted me into the occult for real.

That said, I’ve also had some intense encounters with more chaotic and agressive astral inhabitants.

Just comes with the territory I suppose.

Yes, of course!