Succubus is draining me badly

A succubus (at least I’m sure it is) has entered my life out of nowhere and is draining me of my much needed energy. She constantly gives signs that she’s here and I guess she just wants my attention but she came at the worst possible time right when I was getting my life back tg and now this energy draining has me sleeping all day long and no motivation do much. Are there any benefits to having a succubus? Like do they protect you from attacks or anything like that? At this point I think I would be better off banishing her but I have no idea how. Pls help

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Why did she come , get someone advanced to astral travel and talk with her to leave you alone , if you need energy there’s no benefits

I really don’t know why she came, unless I accidentally manifested her through my thoughts without realizing. Other than that she just randomly appeared and idk anyone who does the astral stuff I’m a complete noob

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It’s not good , to face something you don’t know any knowldge of , seek out someone knowledgeable in the meantime you should be fine if you don’t entertain or feed her , don’t pay attention to her and don’t let her feed off your sexual energy , and yes intention + thoughts over extended duration of time will send signals for stuff to come to you


Ask Lucifer to change her true will to be your other half, I don’t know how to say it in English, I say “complemento” in Spanish, I don’t know if “supplement of yourself” could be a proper translation, thus you will be able to keep her


If you do the changing her thing to be your better half it’ll help o met mine when connecting to Lucifer and Lilith by having naughty actions towards Lilith mine like refuses to actually feed on me doesn’t even seem to like the idea of it but I want her to so she can mansfest easier and make our time more enjoyable. If our not interested in changing her persay considering contacting Lilith she is who most people contact and make pacts with to obtain a Succubus so she would probably be a good place to go about ending a interaction. @succupedia hey we have a succubus question.
If he responds he will probably be able to help more then anyone else he definitely tries to be true to his name.


I don’t have a succubus but I have a Spirit lover. If you feel drained it’s a bad sign. Spirit lovers are supposed to make you feel refreshed and not drained.

You couldn’t have accidently manifested one as these spirits are very, very big on consent but more malicious spirit may have come through. Banish and cleanse.


Ok thanks man I’ll keep ignoring her in the meantime although she makes it very difficult

Is there any benefits to keeping her though? Will she help me with things I need or is it like a normal relationship but spirity.

Ok thanks for the help, if our relationship can become positive through changing her then I’ll give it a try but I’ll see what succupedia says first

Ahh good to know but I wonder why she came to me though. I haven’t got the slightest idea on how to summon one so it’s just strange

It depends on you (what you are, what you need). I have many of them and I always encourage people to have one or as many as they want, because they are really good partners

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I sent you a PM.

If a spirit draining you against your consent, drain it back! Just open your left hand and declare that your energy is yours and that you are taking what belongs to you! Most spirits runs away but if its a succubus! Then they will like the challenge and even teach you how to work with energy! That is if you are willing to have her as a companion.

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I wish you said this before I took the steps to get rid of her :disappointed:

Sorry to say but is probably not a “succubus” but just “regular” astral parasite energy vampire who attached to you. There are all sorts of astral larvae and parasites who are brought to life by peoples passions and desires … they are just PARASITES and they can manipulate you into thinking about them or some stuff even more just to manipulate you into giving your energy to them, becouse ATTENTION = energy.

Sorry to say, but i am firm believer that there are no “succubuses” there are only sexual desire forms who came to life in the astral and are actually a parasitic forms. Maybe you have done some sex/masturbation magic not long time ago? They tend to feed on sex energy and sexual desires, by often giving you vivid sexual dreams and draining your sexual life energy.

Ignore it and try to resist it, until it goes away.


And no, they don’t protect you shit. Random “succubuses” don’t do that. They can tell lies that they do, but they DON’T. Only spirits of higher intteligence who you made a pact with or your created spirit servitors for that purpose of protection, can protect you and you also need to be careful with servitors becouse they can also turn on you and you will need to banish and destroy them.

I HIGHLY suggest you at first just READING Franz Bardon book “Initiation into Hermetics”, becouse that book explains very well who are those things and how they operate and what you can do about them (i don’t suggest you practising that book, becouse there are some highly effective dangerous shit) but just to read and to educate yourself. Don’t be naive and a fool thinking that random uknown spirits show up and will “fullfill all your desires and protect you”. Sorry, that just doesn’t happen. I am finally awake and i promised myself to not to be that stupid and naive never again.

Cleanse yourself with salt water. Buy sea salt(best) and pour it all over your body: neck, head, back( very important), legs, hands etc. and wash sea salt with water imagining that everything bad and negative is being washed away from your aura. And shield yourself, by closing your energies and putting and imaginary barrier and don’t be just open to any energies and spirits, becouse it is the worst you can do. Close your energies and change your attitude to more “serious” and please don’t be naive. They are just energy vampires, forms of astral larvae (stronger or weaker) and they only goal is preservation of any costs and can make you feel or think what they want to get to feed on your energy.


Ahh thanks on the advice ab the sea salt. Tbh your the first person I heard say that succubus aren’t real. I never did any ritual or anything but my sexual desires has always been pretty high and it does follow me into my dreams (don’t know if that has anything to do with it). I’ll look for that book rn bc I do need to learn more. And what exactly do you mean by closing my energy? Is my energy currently open for more attacks like this? And how would I know if it is?

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I am not saying that they are not real, i’m just saying that most people probably use this “label” or name on all sorts of things, spirits and astral larvae, becouse they can’t easily reckognize the difference.

And yes your high sexual desires can easily manifest into astral parasites and larvae which feed from those desires and grow stronger even more.

By closing your energy i mean, just to close your energy mentally, like when you don’t want to communicate with other people you cross your hands or feel “closed off” and “cold”, and give the vibe to not approach you. You need to do this mentally with spirits also. Be thought. Don’t be “open book” energy for spirits to fuck with your mind and energy. Give more the vibe of “fuck off” and “leave me alone” , and be more aggresive and teritorial with your energy, so no astral parasite can attach to you without you knowing, so you can know it and fight and destroy them.

Don’t let yourself to be drained of your precious life force energy. Practise resistance and controling your mind. Don’t let be controled by others or some suckers astral parasites.

You need to learn to recknognize the difference which is your thoughts and feelings coming from you and which are inflicted on you by outside influences.

Sexual astral larvae are some sort of nasties parasites that you can encounter and you need to kill it with “fire” by not giving any attention or thought to it until it goes away and not giving your sexual energy by any means. If you have sexual acts try do them with having salt water or just sea salt on you or on our skin, so you can be more sure that your sexual energy won’t be stealen and eaten by them.


^^^Yes most of them are not even the real deal just parasites. Thank you for sharing this.

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