Succubus introducing herself to my friend

Anyone have this problem. I did a letter to lilith and my succubus is introducing herself to my occultist friend like

“Hey there I’m here right next to you”



I’ve done spells to manifest specific cash amounts and they go to someone close to me instead. Always good for a laugh. :roll_eyes:

In my case it comes from deep-seated programming, I’ve had some success with working on this, but it’s still there. Not sure if that’s any help but your post reminded me of this.

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I found this hilarious, because I did this in 2 phases according to liliths instructions I believe to have been given.

  1. Devote myself to the path of the vampire, and pause everything else.
  2. Write the letter, and be as specific as possible, which I was.

I asked that she be extremely protective over me from people that have hurt me or people that will hurt me in the future.

Also that she have a unique personality and be funny.

I find it hilarious what shes doing to my friend. Lmao. I’m rolling laughing

Mmmm… Good for him.:drooling_face:

Demons have a very special sense of humor, getting used to it to the point of laughing with them has been for me a process of inner alchemy.

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She wasnt sent to him, but I asked that she was funny. Which she is definately showing that.


Just keep asking till I get one too :relieved:

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Soon after I realized that I truly had one around me, my brother had an experience with one at school. He went to the bathroom and a pink feminine figure was there. Scared, he turned to run out the bathroom and she screamed NO as if she was afraid he would leave. When he turned back around he caught her disappearing.

My brother watches alotta hentai and soft core porn type anime, and I know for a fact he genuinely liked the thought of having some sexy spirit girlfriend, *what teenage guy wouldn’t right? *

Wow. No succubus ever manifested physically to me like that!

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