Succubus/Incubus Wierd Relations

Has anyone ever experienced intense dreams lustful energy at the base chakra and waking completely naked unware of how it happened, This occurred for about 2 weeks straight I would wake up but naked blankets and clothing scattered all over but not the slightest idea of how it happened.

If you’re concerned that something is messing with you or attacking you then cleanse and banish, and put up a sheild around you before you go to sleep.

As far as if this is normal for spirit relationships… @succupedia hate to bother you oh wise Prophet but…ya mind weighing in?


Vibrational energy around the groin area, which is connected to the Root Chakra, are often connected to the succubus/incubus experience. Other kind of spirits also uses the root chakra for other purposes as well, but it’s a common spot to harvest energy for sex spirits.

I really can’t explain your clothes and sheets being tossed and moved, because I haven’t experienced that. It’s not something that succubus and incubus spirits generally do. Total waste of energy by doing these kind of messing around, and my spirits agree about that.


I thought it didn’t sound like them either

Typical weekend for me.


Thanks you’re all very helpful so I should do a cleansing and banishing ritual could this entity be malevolent I never felt hostility from it maybe I’m just too new in spiritual communication.