Succubus/Incubus kind of questions

Okay so last night i decided to do some research on them and came onto this page and it amazed me so much so i decided to also do it and did it as it said but with a lighter . After the paper burned i sat on my bed and i felt nothing I thought the ticklish or the twitching thing was because of my body but then i felt like something brush my thigh and it was so hard to feel it because it was so soft i waited and waited for something but nothing really happened apart from twitches here and there the brush thing and the ticklish feeling but then my left hand started burning in a way and had red spaces on it and it kinds hurt not gonna lie and after that i went to sleep because I was sleepy and while i was drifting to sleep i had that twitching or ticklish sensation either going up from my thigh or from my chest down and while doing that i had a fight with someone and felt a kind of bearable pain in the back of my head for some time then it stopped and the ticklish and twitching came back and it was on different parts of my body and it was kind of fast and after i woke up nothing has happened and i fear it was only my body doing that but i was 100% sure it was not only my body and said thank you every time .
I still have my doubts on this because i feel like it didn’t work but i do feel from time to time feel light presses on my skin and it is hard to describe that well .
Hi @succupedia could you maybe please help me a bit here ?
I also want to ask how can you communicate with him/her ?

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I was apologizing to it bc of my doubts right now so if it was there to hear me and suddenly felt like a small pain in my forehead kind of