Succubus Incarnated in a person

Hello, my question is weird but is true.

I think I am dealing with a person who is the incarnation of a succubus… It came to me that they are the daughters of Lilith.

So my question is, if I want that person forever in my life with some basic relationship type regulations, what do I have to do ? Like a pact or a deal with that person… Summon her in the triangle… ??

Give me ideas

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If she’s incarnated then you don’t have to do anything, either she will or she won’t.


Can I like strike a deal with the succubus like invoke the person in the triangle ?

Pretty much useless “dating tips”, really, because these kind of tips barely applies to everyone. But the mindset is the common denominator here: Dating.

Whether she’s a “succubus” or not, doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter because she’s not aware of the potentials and the energy currents of these kind of entities. Being “slutty”, or obviously sexual doesn’t equal being a “succubus” either.

Are you doing pacts and lead people to a triangle when socializing on a daily basis? Is that where you take your dates for “summoning” them?
“Please, walk into the triangle. I’m gonna summon you, even though you’re here allready.”

No, you ask her out on a date, like anyone else would have done. If she likes you and if it leads to more dates and, if you’re lucky, a relationship, then you could perhaps share your idea of her being a “succubus”. Common sense, right?


hahahaha, I knew somebody would say that !!! No I have been in a relationship for four years, pretty much grew from teenagehood to adulthood knowing this woman and today, I am not scared to say that she is a succubus incarnate because of things that happened with her or to her over the last five fucking years of her life. And I have been learning massively on the occult and I am not even getting the feelings or doubting this right now. I am sure that she is a succubus !! I know her by heart and everything that has gone on in her life ever since she was a baby !

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It is only making sense now since I am living without every fucking thing that normally people do by choice, to get better in the dark art !

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Why didn’t you mention that from the beginning? Now, you just made me a “fool” for trying to be a smartass. :stuck_out_tongue:


No <3 You are not a fool ! You gave a honest response ! So what are your views ? How do I get her back ?

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What makes you think she’s a succubus in the first place? Can you feel energies and spirits on a physical level? Can you see the colors of auras and chakras?

The energy from a succubus is common to appear as ((( vibrating ))) on your root chakra. That’s where your groin is. Their touches reaches the depths of your skin, and it penetrates the first layer of skin to reach the nerves beneath. They are emotionally expressive, and it’s powerful enough to penetrate your mind to react emotionally to it. The deeper the connection is, the deeper you will react on her emotions.

How to get her back? Did you break up?

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Exactly what used to happen !! And I felt like I was being manipulated but I was feeling all her emotions and I was kind of not myself with her. I was really deep into her, for example when she felt depressed, it made me depressed and I could feel so much sorry for her. And what usually happened, she would take all my energies like suck it, with emotions and leave me with her filthy’ emotions !!

Yes, broke up about three months ago, a really bad break up because we ended in a fight !

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