Succubus Familiar?

While rummaging through posts, I can across the Letter of Intent to Lilith guide for requesting a succubus/incubus from the Great Mother. It got me along the path of thinking, what about having a succubus as a familiar? What could a succubus do as a familiar? Would a succubus even make for a good familiar? Would a succubus even consider becoming a familiar? All these questions and more.

I have yet to do the ritual because I’m not sure my needs and intentions are well enough thought out, and I wouldn’t want to disrespect Mother Lilith or her children with a half hearted ritual with little to no true intent behind it.

On that note however, I did begin to consider what my request might be while laying down in a relaxed, but not meditative, state. I got to the point where I essentially rehearsed what the letter would say in my mind, listing off personality traits desired and details of the nature of our relationship intended. There was only slight detail concerning the sexual aspect of it, but the main focus was on the succubus being a guide, companion, and assistant in my workings. Almost like the secretary you don’t tell your wife about.

It was during all this and in the time that followed that I noticed arousal growing in me. I’m not sure if this was a subconscious thing or something else, but I’ve been a bit fixated on this whole thing ever since. A name has even been a recurring thought concerning all of this. I’ve also had another random bout of arousal last night while laying in bed. Both occurred between 1 and 4 am.

So the questions I’d like to pose are:

Would a succubus be a familiar?

What could a succubus Familiar do?

Would a succubus be a good familiar?

Did I accidentally do my own version of the ritual?

If I did, do these happenings mean it worked and Lilith sent her to me?

If not, is this all just subconscious stuff?

What’s up with this name that just keeps coming to me? Could it be the name of the succubus?

Considering the nature of the situation, I felt this is the category it belonged in.


A succubus can be a guide/guardian, but familiars are mostly animal/animal-like spirits. A being that chooses to aid you is a guide/guardian spirit.

A succubus isn’t a dog or a skill set, it’s not “what can insert entire species do” it’s what that particular succubus learned to do in it’s time, no one succubus is the same as another.


I understand, but I have also read some reports of familiars given by specific spirits having a similar power to that of the spirit who gave them, i.e. a familiar from King Paimon being adept at manipulating others.

I agree it is largely what the spirit has learned in their time, but I also believe there is a natural ability a specific kind/type/class of spirit has. Hence, some Goetic Spirits are better suited for work x than others. Not all birds can sing, but all songbirds can fly.


Familiars come in hundreds of shapes , sizes and forms, not just animals. Yes you very much can have a succubus familiar. I have three myself. Though I might refer to them more as “attending spirits” rather then familiars. They are bonded to me in the same way, but far more powerful then the average familiar. All three are fantastic and loving companions and protectors. All have different skill sets, one is fantastic in the arts of red magick (domination, lust, love, wrath, charisma), another is an expert in Illusions, deception, politics, sorcerous assassination and espionage, the other is far more powerful then the other two, has a more well rounded approach to sorcery, is an adept seer, is a powerful protector and is fiercely territorial. All are patient teachers, and willing to teach everything they know. They are also willing to go out into the world and collect energy from others, and share it with me. They are companions of unequaled pleasure. They also are more then willing to assist in empowering any and all sorcery I do. They will also work as informers, spies, and seduce people into seeing things my way, all without me having to ask. They are extremely versatile in their personal talents. But it depends very highly on the individual succubus as to what they specialize in.


It won’t let me pm you, but I’d love to talk about this more if you’re willing. What do you think about the other parts? About the name and the possible accidental evocation or however it may best be worded?

The goetia learned some things that are mentioned and learned things also unmentioned, but there’s still a form of hierarchy (not literal) among things in regards to familiars, spirit guides, spiritual teachers, etc. A familiar is a early neopagan idea, they were specifically animals both magickal and non magical, from cats, to salamanders, to ‘feral’ dragon spirits, and so on, it wasn’t until later that people piggybacked and altered it to span the scope of other entities that aren’t familiars but a different aspect of the spectrum.

While succubus are very well versed in a sexual form of vampirism, their skills start to differ further from that distinction.

However, either way they are bound to you and so evocation is often times unnecessary, atleast from my experience my familiar lived within a sigil on my spiritual body that appeared on us both when it was born.

An accidental evocation is possible though unlikely. I would put money one that there was already a spirit around you that fit the bill of your desire. Sometimes spirits can stick with us through lifetimes and we are unaware of the fact we have spirit helpers until we get the impulse to call them. Your desire to call a succubus could very well be due to the fact that she was already there egging you on to take the next step. If you are getting a name, sit down in ritual and use the name in an evocation, or invocation. If she shows up, that it the name she has given you


That kind of makes sense because I do recall one similar experience years ago before I got into these kinds of things. I’ll have to look into it more. Thank you

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