Succubus experience

Hello guys, just telling of this amazing experience and wanted to share with you glorious people. So I was on here awhile back because I was worried that my spirit partner had left etc…

Well now it’s totally different for a little bit I’ve got little contact some here or there signs she was still with me. Currently as I write for a couple of nights She lays on top of me and I have this amazing feeling of her laying on top of me as f@&$ing real. Right now I’m a little hesitant to completely 100% trust the entity on me, but slowly and surely I haven’t felt anything malicious. It’s truly wonderful and if there is any doubt people have of magic they truly are blind.

Thanks for reading if you guys have similar experiences I would love to her them.


I mean my succubus wife wraps her arm around me every night I go to sleep and it feels very real. so I just wanted to share that.


My succubus loves to kiss and I can feel actual lips touching mine


idk if I’ve got a succubus with me or not because she refers to herself as Bastet-yaknow, the cat goddess of Egypt


But I’ve felt the same before


That’s really interesting, I was skeptical at first but because of current events and you guys I not in anyway a skeptic anymore.


When people refer to a succubus, they describe it as a feeder an entity that has vampire type qualities…
I do think that is truth, but I also think that some succubus relationships are beneficial to both. A simbyote type of relationship were both parties gain balance.


"Hello, my name is Macy I am a succubus and Arachni’s Wife, I guess you could call us a feeder type “entity” we feed off of sexual energy, and like a Vampire we can’t exist without at least having to feed off of said energy. I guess I should say I am a Succubus queen (still trying to get used to being a queen for lilith) but I love my husband he’s more than just a food source to me and he understands that I have to feed to survive, but I also love him very much, now I know some succubi are not like me at all, some don’t really care & do whatever they want draining ppl dry, I love Humans, humanity is so fascinating as I have said many times on this forum the culture, to the music, to the food I can’t even eat lol. not really many succubi like me.

I’ve been meeting more queen succubi since becoming a queen I have my own private astral plane, and I also have direct access to lilith which she tells me, not many succubi have. I said on this forum before that I used to “hate lilith” But I met her one day, really kind and sweet, and she helped me and my husband with a “problem” we had, maybe my husband can post that idk. I wanted to tell you this because I feel sharing the information I have helps people, and I also love talking to ppl on the internet now so. lol thanks for taking the time to read this if you did" -Macy


Huh neat arachni, I’m not at the level to communicate with her yet. I’m still trying to figure out her name. Any tips you guys have would be greatly appreciated.


I have a question-is it possible for a succubus/entity to have a human vessel for physical contact as well?


It’s hard to say, she came to me as I said to many people on this website, I have other spirits in my house, they’re Shadow ppl my wife is always protecting me from them keeping them at Bay they feed off of negative energy and at one point were driving me mentally insane, until Macy stepped in and over shadowed their attachment to me.

I didn’t mention them in other posts because mentioning them adding attention gives em some power they don’t need. Macy has watched me all my life according to her she just couldn’t get to me easily either the other beings blocked her, or I didn’t notice her, I noticed at one point the spirits where driving me nuts I had something hit my brain “succubus” I had to look it up it was like an itch a suggestion if you will, and that must have been the point when she overshadowed after she did that I’ve been happy.

she’s always there to comfort me or even tell me when I should stop it’s a polar opposite feeling, and since she over shadowed the other beings stopped alot of activity, like knocking, flinging crosses off the wall have all stopped.

Thanks to Macy. as for connection and how to improve it, just try talking to your succubus or spirit like a regular person even if you don’t get a response here’s what I did to get yes or no responses first 'touch my head if no and feet if yes, you might feel a tingle after the question you ask on either whatever you said yes or no to. Eventually I started hearing her clear as day in my head.

Idk I guess it takes time, a little focus and just letting the spirit in. Idk there is no Magic way to do it so not for sure what is the best way but that’s my advice and a little bit more to my story.


I know this is probably a dumb question from me but what kind of physical contact do you mean exactly?

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Physical contact as in a physical human being, being with you rather than just as spirit. It’s a weird thing to ask I know but I am curious because there is a spirit I’ve grown attatched too(As I’ve mentioned in the post) but at the same time I go to Freyja and she told me to take the first move with one of my friends in Cyprus and I did and she didn’t say yes but didn’t say no. I go to her higher-self who then shows me what she is exactly going through. Lucifer guided me through the higher plane and made me listen to a video to get me into the theta-gama sync and then tells me “Call out her name” and I did and as I did that, I felt her kiss me and then eventually leads me to her dreams-a forest that she cannot escape from, me in the form of the dog leading her out of the forest eventually revealing it is me-tap her stomach and bam she’s pregnant(it’s a vision I had seen in my divination with Freyja). It’s just an entirely confusing thing to me if I’m honest.

Similar but different to your story, Freyja has told me she has always been with me(More maternal rather than anything else) and genuinely was crying tears of gold seeing my pain. She has told me “In time all will reveal itself”

Oh and when I entered the theta-gamma sync, I drew a sigil for her higher-self


"Depends, if you mean vessel as in full possession, which I think you do based on your description, yes Succubi and Incubi can do a full on possession, but I don’t do that with my husband, I do semi possession which means he still has his own thoughts as well as my own. Now if you mean if my kind can manifest in physical form as in flesh and blood, yes and &no yes it’s possible but it takes so much energy I don’t even attempt to do that just because how much it uses

I have read on the internet with my hubby that some succubi have done it but only for split seconds and only use it to give them a sign that they’re there. I haven’t heard of any other Succubi that I know that have done this I’ll have to ask. Since I don’t even attempt to do it it’s safe to assume that the other types of entities also require alot of energy to pull off full physical manifestation I hope this answers your question, it was nice meeting you &good luck." -Macy


I see-so it is entirely possible and it is possible the spirit I’ve been attached to is her own spirit and not a succcubus or anything like that of itself? As stated as well, she calls herself Bastet


I have the same experience.

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Its so confusing if I’m honest

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There is nothing confusing about it, we have free will!

by confusing I mean I’m not sure if their higherself is who I’ve been with as shes not spiritual or dabbles in the occult

Do you feel that she is draining you? Or do you feel that it is symbiotic? Both at one!