Succubi/elemental obsessions?

Yes, I read somewhere (I think it was Franz Bardon’s books) one of the dangers of magic/psychic related stuff is becoming addicted controlled by them.

What do you think? Experiencies? I remember to have become addicted to someone as I projected my “ideal woman” on her. I just couldnt move my thoughts far from her… till I started meditating on the heart, it quite “cleansed” my emotions and I just stopped thinking of her.

Before that my heart/sexual chakra always worked in tandem about the “thinking over” this person (thoughtform/succubi). I guess feeded by lust from this thoughtform/succubi

Elemental/succubi related? Opinions? I strongly think so

I will actually be posting a thread about this rather today or tomorrow, because I actually have some experience with succubi, and it really has a lot to do with intention and mental fortitude. Succubi, at least from my experience, are very good energy and primal force engineers, and a lot of what is bad about them is actually due to the mental and energetic makeup of the practitioner, and not the nature of the entity itself. This will be my experience, but I do know others who also have sexual spirits and entities, several of them, and they are completely fine. In fact, they are actually highly empowered by these entities, and if you allow them to do so, these beings can unleash MASSIVE power within you and around you. I’ll be explaining it in the post, but this post was a reminder so thanks.

Great, the thing is I felt real powerful energy boosts so “physical”. And I agree oriented in the right way this can be very very very strengthening for a magician

JIJIJIJI the post for me :wink:

I have no experience with succubi, not that I’m opposed to the idea but I can say that there are certain spirits that have a nearly intoxicating effect when you work with that energy. I think along the same lines as the1gza that it depends on the person on how deeply you succumb to it, a power hungry person may react completely differently to a particular spirit than one who’s easily motivated by sex.

Yea I just got done posting a thread about it, and I’ll probably write more as I remember points of progression. It really is all about using your tools… sex can be really, really useful in terms of Ascent, especially if you get into the several forms of sexual mythos and what they represented mystically. However, If that intent gets messed up, or you are only doing it so that you can bust nuts for power, you will probably just waste a shitload of time.

I must say, at one point i did think that Sex is one of the most powerful energies, i now know it is not. How lesser is it from those other stronger energies ? Not really much yes, but along with this thing called, love…it is said to be stronger then all of them Together.

Yea I can see what you mean. To be honest, From my work with Succubi, even though the energy is generated sexually, it goes through the esoteric anatomy points (chakras, meridians, nadis, channels) and begins to become sublimated into “higher” forms of energy. It is rare that you will ejaculate, I myself never have I hear it is a rare occurrence. However, you can start seeing flashes of light, scenery changes… and this is without reciprocal training. What other forms of energy might you be referring to, because I am not really referring to sexual energy by itself. Rather, I think of sex as a generator, then taking that energy and transforming it. However, I’m pretty much a noob, so cue me into what you might be referring to if you would be so kind :).

I dont know, for me it just looks like there are several types of energy that when in interaction with us have different effects. Sexual energy is one of them, Mental energy is another, Elemental energy is other, Aural energy is other…and well, i could go on. What i mean is that, each one has good positive incomes and also bad negative ones. Still, i can’t stop thinking that love is certainly a different type of energy and that it runs very well along the sexual energies. Sex does not involve only one type of energy.
Even physical energy it contains so…
Those two together are like the golden pair.