Succubi And Djinn

I’ve been thinking about this subject now for a long time and i really can’t see the difference between a succubus and a djinn.They can both shapeshift and have sex.The only difference maybe is that they’re from different planes of existence.I’ve used a homemade pendulum and piece of paper with alphabet and yes/no on it.She’s told me her true form is obsidian skin and eyes with brown hair.Her sexuality would probably rival that of a succubus but in all honesty i suspect that they’re the same and if not the same then very similar and come from the same source Lillith herself.This comes from my own observations from others accounts with these types of experiences including my own.

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Did you use any ritual connected to Lilith, or something else that made you ask the question of it being a Djinn or succubus?

As I see it, the sexual aspect is not entirely based on a single “species” of spirits or entities. It’s cosmic and interstellar, like the Universe expanding itself through copulation of dust that become new stars and galaxies.

I don’t know much about Djinns, and I have stopped referring my ladies as “succubus”. I see them as benevolent individuals, with a duality in their personalities. They have darkness and light within them, and I’ve been through both with fascination and interrest, rather than fear.

Whether she’s a Djinn or succubus is irrelevant, as I see it. By seeing someone as something more than generalizations through myths and legends, and even through others experiences, opens the doors to something more unique and appealing. Depending on your own goals of the relationship with her, the sexual aspects can even become a secondary energy exchange if love start to flourish. That is just my thoughts of the subject.

Beautifully put, thank you.

I’ve used my dreams and “visions” of her appearances to me as a basis for my questions to her.Some of those dreams involved tornadoes which i’ve read djinn can be associated with.When i asked her whether she was a succubus or djinn she readily identified herself as a djinn.I’ve even asked her whether they both come from Lillith and she said yes.I know i shouldn’t care what she is but who she is but i’m a very scientifically minded person.Maybe a little too scientific.I like dealing in cold hard facts or truth when i’m dealing with someone or in my case a djinn.You should already know of at least some of my experiences since you’ve commented on my old blog and know me under two different online names

But I wonder, can we ever really get to a place where we say with absolute certainty that djinn are this and demons are that, like biologists classifying types of fauna?

Personally I think that comes from being raised in the physical world’s paradigm: matter has certain rules, biological systems have even more rules.

Most of that’s because physical reproduction in more complex lifeforms is incredibly detailed and has so many aspects that MUST be met to create valid life, that there’s a broad uniformity among species, just so we have the right interlocking bits (from genitals down to DNA) that will allow us to perpetuate our species, since our lifespans are so short.

We exist in a physical world over-run with rules where certain lifeforms have necessary huge similarities, and we form our theories as though their realms are similar, but they exist outside that, so I think that attempting the same kind of cut-and-dried classification can be problematic. JMO though.

I would be suspicious of understanding those responses in the way an incarnate human would give them. This is just IMO, but that experience has been that, when given a choice between two options, a spirit will often give the best option, even when neither is completely accurate. She may be saying, in other words, that she is more like a djinn (or your conception of djinn, to muddy the waters even further) than a succubus, but you might get a completely different answer if you asked an open-ended question like, “What type of spirit are you?”, or “What is your nature?” I really like asking the meaning of spirits’ names for this purpose.

Just a note on the idea of succubi coming from Lilith - my own succubus familiar was a gift from King Belial. I suppose it’s possible she was loaned to him from Lilith (although she vehemently denied this when I just asked her), but that seems unlikely to me. Again, this may be a case of the spirit in question giving the best answer possible when presented with two inaccurate choices - some succubi and some djinn probably do “come from” Lilith in some way, so that was the answer she gave.

I did the same in the beginning, when I did a writingsession. Alot of words come through, such as: Succubus, Satan, love, her “name” came up, the word “forever” and “not alone” aswell.
That was just the introduction and they certianly lived up to these myths and legends about them, for a while. And I wanted to break that barrier, because seeing things like this scientifically, just creates limitations. By seeing them as individuals, without limiting it to just light or darkness, not only you will blossom and develop as an individual. She will blossom just as much, and you together in your partnership will do aswell.

By putting things in a binomial nomenclature, like “succubus” or “djinn”, the chance of it being characteristic through your interpretation of said words, will be a possibility. Your perspective of who they are as an individual, is not accessible at that point.

There are alot of myths and legends about Lilith. For me, she is a Goddess of Equality. By treating her as an individual, as an equal, instead of putting these myths and legends about her on a pedestal, the outcome of that would not just benefit yourself. It would benefit her, and it would be beneficial in working together. Raise the ladder a bit up, or a bit down, and it can be quite a challenge.

Most of us approach this by following our own path, when it comes to spirits and entities. And there is no “right” or “wrong” in doing that. We interpret the messages differently than others, too. As I see it, science creates limitations and barriers because the individual get pushed aside by “laws” and generalizations by the word “what”, than asking the question of “who” we interact with.

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Damn one by one y’all put holes in my logic and approach.I do approach this in an open minded subjective manner but i don’t wanna lose my grip on reality (this world) and end up in a mental ward from being too subjective hence the scientific approach or at least as scientific as one could get with it.I did have physical evidence of her doing adult things but my intent was to try and catch her either moving my shorts or covers,but nope didn’t catch that part.It seems every time i do that she takes great care so as not to to be caught on video,but as soon as i turn the video off she has no problem moving the bed,covers,or shorts for that matter.But back on point i’m not too proud to admit when i’m wrong or my approach either.So there ya have i was wrong in my approach but that’s why i’m here to learn from others more experienced than i.

fc2014, a question if I may, what state are you in when the physical phenomena occur. Are you very awake, a little awake, almost asleep? Also are you in a rapture or excited state or thinking about what to eat in the morning? Just curious :slight_smile:

I’m pretty much very awake when the physical phenomena occurs but it does happen as well when i’m a little sleepy.I try to set 1-2 hours apart to get to know her better.The only time i get excited or rather my body does is when i feel her emotionally or sexually.But yes thinking about other things does seem to break the connection a bit somewhat during this time,and the physical phenomena happens throughout the day regardless of what i’m doing but especially when i’m in bed.

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A djinn is a being created from smokeless fire, hence exists at a different existance but are more or less similar to humans. Succubus is a term used to refer to sex demons.

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Thanks for the info, I’m working on breaching certain spirit <> physical experience boundaries and as such wanted to know - most of my succes has been in three areas: deep meditation, sleep or total immersion.

Beautifully put, thank you.[/quote]

Totally agreed. Phisical pleasure is quite different and more profound than the traditional genitality of the conventional sex. the relationship is based in trust and a deep connection to the mind. Honesty and win-win approach is a must. That kind of magick changed my life forever. As Eva said about the unexistence of “hate” and only love or focused love, contacting this kind of being push you further to another level of feeling emotions and sensations. The “nature” of the spirit doesnt much matter. Indeed, always that spirits came to me identifying their source, the reason to be there and why they want to engage me on a relationship, including the timeframe. What matters is the natural intention or willing to contact them. Theres a LOT of spiritual echosystem of spirits of any kind and form, that want to stay in touch as a couple with humans.