Successful way to remove a third party having pulled your specific person back from the brink?

Hi everyone, want to know successful ways you have used or know of to remove a third party.

So this is an update of a previous thread where I managed to pull my SP back from the brink, so we’ve been getting along really well recently and have agreed to meet soon, but she gave me a bit of a bolt outta the blue by telling me she’s going to see someone tonight who she’s “Kinda dating”… this is obviously someone who appeared whilst me and her fell out, but I don’t think it’s a strong connection and in my head he’s done with and gone already, and I’m confident he’ll be gone soon but I’d like some ideas, e.g. demons to invoke, spells, rituals you’ve used in the past to push this over the edge and deal effectively with a third party (without physical harm, no intention of killing him of course lol)

Pulled her back from the brink

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Glad it’s working out. As for this other person bind them. If you can somehow obtain a picture it would be best but if you can just get the name use that. Write the name on a piece of paper, if you get a picture write the name on the back. Under that write I bind you. You can just leave at that or you can add stay away. Wrap it with ribbon or tape. Then burn it or cut it up with scissors and throw it away. And just like that their gone.

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I’m not even sure I’ll be able to get the name at this stage as I didn’t reply to her last message to me, though am going to be unreactive in my responses to her. I don’t really have interest in asking her, as it may open up a can of worms with her her, and trigger a fallout… as far as I’m concerned he’s a nobody and a passing fad… I did however do a variation of Agnes Vivarelli’s rubbing out meditation except I changed it so that I pictured a grey stickman being sent on fire and burnt to ashes like a sigil then disappearing and then SP coming back to me… if I did it without a name or image but put a non descript man, would that work at all you think? lol

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Lol! You could always try and see. As far as getting a name out of her it takes word play. “So whose the guy you kinda dating?” If she’s offended then say “I was asking because I’m genuinely interested” but it is risky lol. I had to learn to have that mouth piece to get info out of folks lol

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Will keep that in mind :slight_smile:

I did reply to her just now, so I made a joke and pretended I knew his name and said to her “So I do hope Roger hasn’t proposed to you tonight tearfully” (Roger is the name of an evil charecter in a medical drama we both know and talk about-she’s a doctor by profession- so its an injoke) it’s a PUA kind of tactic. I have a few “Boyfriend destroyer” patterns from Ross Jeffries as well I have loaded up…

Just to give a little extra background, what triggered my fallout with her the first time was her saying she had met a guy at a party, and she has lost attraction to me (I was having a mental meltdown aroudn that time because of personal problems so she was pushed away by me) now she has not mentioned him once since now so its either the same guy (that she was hiding from me to keep me as an option) or its a new guy, whatever happens I’m confident because of the tremendous inner, self love work and magick I’ve done, I’m number one and these chumps don’t stand a chance :slight_smile:


I’m glad things have gotten better for you. Keep it up! Hopefully you’ll be able to squeeze that name out of her lol

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