Successful Summoning?


i evoked DUKE SALLOS but i didn’t know if I’m successful on doing it as i light the candles and prayed for the 4 emperors to guide me and to be successful in calling The GREAT DUKE SALLOS…

as i scry in his sigil i wait for that flashing moment before i use the enn… by the time that im done with enn. i started talking to him as the fire from one of the candles flickers like its dancing… i have read one post here using a coin to communicate so i did the same… as a ask him questions i flick the coin and if its tails then its a no if heads then its a yes… I’m just little bit confused coz i told him to give me a sign what he wants in return… i scry again and concentrate but nothing comes to my mind… so i talk to him again but this time i suggest that after his work ill be praising him every friday in 1 year then i asked him if this is ok with him… i flicked the coin and it say yes… as i ask him again is this what u want? and i flick the coin again and its says no… i told him I’m sorry if I’m not able to hear or see him coz I’m only new at doing this i also told him sorry if i did many mistakes on my 1st /2nd/3rd envoke as i don’t know what to do, i just hope he understands me… so i just told him for the last time that what ever he wants just give me a clear sign even in my dreams… as i thank him for coming… then i told him to be safe going back as i close the ritual…

do you think I’m successful on evoking the GREAT DUKE SALLOS?



The real question is do YOU believe he came?


The reason he didn’t answer (my intuitive answer for you) is that as a magician we are supposed to give the daemon a task to complete for us. Never do Evocation without a reason, or without something you want to obtain. I believe he definitely was with you as the candle flicker is a telltale sign. He didn’t answer because he was waiting for a command not to command you or tell you what he wanted of you. That you can do with him in meditation or trance, telepathically. This is also from my own experiences in the past. Hope this helps.

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I find the penny method to be a waste. Always assume they come when you call and open your mind. My imagination SUCKS. I know this. (Blame it on a robbed childhood and savior complex but hey, shit happens ) . At any rate let your mind wander. What did you experience and See? Did he show himself to you? Stop trying to see with your physical eyes and hear with your physical ears.


I told DUKE SALLOS that i want his help for my ex to bring her feelings to me and make that feelings push herself to make a relationship again with me “bf/gf” while im telling this the fire always flickers

im in an empty room then before i say the enn a weird thing happened i have a plastic bag where i put my things for summoning and the bag moves like someone is touching it as i hear the sound of the plastic… its not that long like only 2 secs… i have this goosebumps but not all the time… it will come and go over and over… im not afraid when i felt it actually i wanted to feel it like i wanted to stay to that feeling like for me its a sign that his there whenever I have that feeling… other than that i did not see anything maybe because i cant hold that long to that flashing moment or that fog thing… i can easily trigger it now but i cant hold that much thats why every time before i ask him something or tell him something i need to scry again and wait for that flashing moment and then talk to him…

here are my questions and the answers using the coin

GREAT SALLOS are you here =Yes as the flame flicks at the same time

will you help me with my problem =Yes
will you help me with her family for them to forgive ive me =No
will me and (ex) will get married is she the one for me =yes
im thingking if im allowed to ask him or give him time to complete his task… so i play safe by asking
before this month ends will she comeback to me like in my native language im askin if we will be back together as bf/gf = yes btwim out of my country as she is far from me now…

will i get back to my counrty this coming july =yes
do you want me to still msg her =no
this is where im confuse now because i know asking help from spirits also needs your effort… so i asked him again the same question and it turned out Yes… i told him sorry for not being able to see the answers clearly as im new to this… so i ask him last time and turn out =yes
as for my last question is the one that i mentioned above