Successful Possession And My Experience With It

I am one of the lucky people capable of possession, full body possession of another person/vessel without destruction of my own being.

First of all let me state for the record that I have been in this study and practice most of my life I’m a man equally of belief and science and I believe that this fluidity is the key to my success in these practices.

If you have any questions about any of this please feel free to contact me

This practice is in no way considered safe and is to be approached with utmost caution for it is extremely damaging to yourself.

I will not explain publicly how I go about entering someone else’s mind but I will explain the experience.
The most important thing to know is that possession is binding your mind melds with that of the person you are possessing even after leaving their body a part of them remains with you and vise versa, this can lead to very serious conditions such as depression and Multiple personality disorder in sever cases. This is usually permanent.

Possession of this level does not take place on the astral plane the same rules do not apply ( I do not have a name for this and I have not seen it discussed much so I will try to explain it) this realm of existence is of the mind not the spirit. It is where the transfer takes place and is very dangerous (not for the faint of heart) the essence of your mind and that of your subject (the posessesy) is brought to one plane connected by both your auras resonating together on the same frequency usually your subjects natural frequency. There you face yourself at your core and your subject(if done correctly it is possible for the subject to be unaware of the transfer) i am not willing to go into detail of that plane because it is personal. Once that unpleasantness is finished you experience an euphoric sensation as you are now in your subject body it take a moment to for you to adjust to your new senses and the high function in your mind the senses come in a certain order.

  1. Thought, you can hear your subject and interact with their consciousness.

  2. Sight, you see what they usually see

3, Touch you gain motor control

  1. Taste

5 Smell

  1. Hearing, note that this indicates complete control

It is possible for your subject to fight back and reject you but t is unlikely

Returning to you body is usually simple as beckoning yourself back and undoing the process but you take a part of your subject back with you and lose some of yourself but through out the whole experience you keep your memories and knowledge.

I hope I’m not forgetting anything but feel free to contact me about any questions or anything just reply to the thread.


Thanks for the refresher.

Have you been around for a while, or are you simply playing with your gift for only one life?

I have been around for a bit, yes. But only because I have been extremely careful most people with this gift abuse it early on and ultimately forget about it or go mad with the jumbled memories of other and their own past live it is by far not a permanent solution to Immortality but it will buy you maybe an extra life time two if you’re careful. I would never want to live forever though. Id almost consider it a curse.

Tell me you dont call people “extra lives”.

That’s disturbing.


Hell no it’s nothing like that at least for me like for me to just throw away lives like that is really messed up. It doesn’t end the person I possess though it’s hard to explain. I don’t kill the persons mind and spirit and take over they survive it and we become one if it’s the result of the termination of my body. And by “extra life” I ment another 20-70 years usually.

No, dude, I fully understand.

At least you recognize your gift. I had an idea of using somebody with your ability to be utilized as a fugitive recapture agent. Possess a wanted criminal, and have him drive himself into the nearest police station.

But then, based on my own experiences with dealing with other people’s minds, I figured while what would happen to the possessor.

After four or five bad people would turn over to the proper authorities, the person with the ability to possess would probably be completely and totally insane.

So, yeah, I understand.

I have been able to find a small group of people like me and some of us have tested the limits of what we can do. Most of us are not open to discussing our gifts even I do it with great caution, there are groups out there in search of anomalous objects and people like it’s crazy. I usually try to avoid “vessel jumping” as we call it I stick with a host vessel (me) and then a secondary unless it an emergency and its saved my ass several times.


The more you announce your warning, the more you draw people to ask you.

Remember where you are, this is a forum full of people who dive head first into the Paranormal and the metaphysical.

I’m not going to ask, because I already know exactly what you’re talking about. I don’t need to really experience that, I can usually pick that sort of an experience out of somebody’s mind, and I can file it away from my own personal use later.

You have people here who can manipulate time, bilocate, intrude into your personal life with nothing more than a thought and a glance at your screen name, there are people here who can remote view your daily life and figure out the secrets of how you’re doing what you do, and, to top all of that off, most everyone in here knows how to work with demons in order to attain the same power that you’re talking about. We don’t need you to possess us or tell us how to possess someone else, we already get the idea, and there’s at least five or six people here who do that.

Don’t worry, the chances of somebody asking you to possess them are pretty damn low. There are a few people here who will say STFU GTFO, pics or it didn’t happen, but for the most part, we’re not going to ask you for proof, that’s most of us know that pretty much anything is possible at this point.


Yeah, I put that above because I’ve had several people send me pictures of themselves and ask me to “try it out” on them I have a response pasted in my notepad as a generic reply saying no in the nicest way I could imagine, as for my personal safety I have taken all of that into account and have acted accordingly protecting my computer and my mind from intrusion to the best of my ability. I appreciate the warning though. Out of all the forums I’ve posted my account on this one has by far been the most respectful.

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Become a living God has become something bigger than a simple forum, even though there are some of us on here that are total assholes, including a few that I’ve had some unfortunate run-ins with lately, generally, everybody here means well. Most all of us are devoted to advancing magick in the physical world as well as magickal experimentation. Generally speaking, people will believe you until you give us reason not to.


That is reassuring, I’m not gonna claim I can shit money or anything

I have a question, can u possess anyone or are there some minds you can’t?

Also, how do u know you’re actually possessing someone and it’s not a/your spirit simulating a possession of someone within you? If that makes sense

As A Cat to another Cat I have a question. Do you think people are out to get you because of the abilities? Both on and offline.

Honestly, Even if they were I wouldn’t let it worry me to much my fellow feline lol.

It my actions in the possessed persons body actually causes change in the physical world like if i move something.

If you learn how to do that, I will kidnap you.

I would kidnap me too. Honestly though I don’t need it. Plus the government always bitches about inflation so why rock the boat.