Successful love/lust spells and rituals+ questions around them

I’m a novice with magick and the LHP, I only have 2 years of experience. In these two years I have seen coincidences but no solid results with my workings.

So I would like to know about your most successful love/lust spells and rituals that have worked on multiple occasions, so that I could try out a few. If you are willing to share.

I would also like a few questions answered. If you are willing.

  1. If you place multiple love spells on a specific person because you are not reciving any noticeable results, do they cancel eachother out or does it strengthen the effect as they all work together?
  2. What are the signs that show the ritual/spell is working and/or is going bad?
  3. One day we all had pre drinks at my flat before going out, I found hair that I think belongs to the person ibwish to use the spell on but I can’t be sure. If I use the hair andit doesnt belong to her wpuld the spell still work on her or would it be directed to the person who’s hair it is.
  4. How do you fix a love spell that is going wrong?

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

If there is no noticeable result the spell just doesn’t work as you expected. There can be no effect at all but sometimes compelling love spell can work as a curse for the victim and devastate her health or live. Often when you cannot achieve the result the influence returns back to you and increase your thirst for a result. Try to clean and protect yourself with working practices. Otherwise it will finish very bad for you.

If it works the victim will try to contact and approach you. You can receive some signs from involved entities.

I suggest you to don’t use this hair if you are not sure. Of course if the guests were only attractive women you can take the risk. You can do voodoo doll. (I am joking. Don’t do this.)

You must clean the victim and try something other. Of course do working protection before this. If it worked like a curse it would be very bad for her. I’m not a moralist, but I guess you want to have sex with her and not ruin her. You can pour a wax with her photo. This often is used for cleaning and checking what happened with influences. After cleaning you can try again.
Good luck.

Edit: I have forgotten to add something. Very good effects you can get with some body fluids which proper incantations added in her food - semen, saliva or blood. The best methods are simpler methods IMHO.

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@huidini Thank you very much for the input, and advice. I see you talk about compelling love spells? What’s the difference between them and a normal “love spell”?

You also say it’s dangerous for the person’s health how so? I can understand mental health issues but could it actually effect their physical health and how so?

When it comes to signs you say she’ll make contact with me. That is a bit vague because, 1. She could just be being nice and a decent friend
2. It sounds like if I stop putting in any effort at all she will fall into my lap witch is a bit far fetched. I would love it if she just started texting me right now because of a ritual done three weeks ago,but that is doubtful.

And then you said something about cleaning and a photo with wax, could you further evaluate on that please, it might be of some use to me.

Love spells are a very morally debatable topic, but making someone drink my blood or semen without there consent is a bit too far. I mean if it’s the only option I have, I would only then consider it but I’m sure there are simpler methods, which I’m trying to find out.

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These things are usually results of graveyard rites. You receive person who will basically do sex with you because “it must be done” and just to do you will but without romantic and feelings.

Unfortunately yes. Exactly compelling love spells can create some gynecological issues. Also because the victim adapts - I mean a rite can work for several months. After this you will need to repeat it but after several times the rites stops work and you will need to search for another technique.

Yes. Techniques like this is based on possibility of beeswax and some crystalline structures to swallows mental energy. I don’t know if you will be able to find some information about this in English. Do you know basic Russian or Bulgarian? I can give you links.

Of course.

It is a bit hard to explain because I am not native but I have wanted to give you useful information and something that is simple and more likely to work in my opinion. I have observations on many people like you and I can say the simpler a magic is, the more likely it is to have an effect. You can try many things. If you body fluids are too far you can try sugar or tap water with incantation. You can try to call Sitri or some other demon to make her to fall in love and to combination with another demon for cleaning, sigil magic, runes - just do a research.

Good luck

Thank you it is very useful information and a good basic start. Much appreciated

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Don’t use any hair etc if you’re unsure who it belongs to. You don’t want to attract the wrong person.
If a spell’s going bad, stop it, burn everything and dispose at a cross road.
Multiple spells don’t hurt; but do them one at the time

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@Vampirella_1 What’s the diffrence between doing the spells one by one and combining them? Also do you have any recommendations for love spells thatch can try to use?

  1. If the outcome definition is the same they cannot oppose each other. However, the degree of "strength" is defined not by the number of spells or castings but the degree of relief it provides you. The net result of the ritual should create a feeling of easing of burden with regard to the specific objective.

  2. That’s very hard to gauge because, due to our fear of change and dependence on our limited knowledge, we cannot perceive the path to the outcome effectively. In some cases, things will appear to get “worse” before they appear to get “better”. It is best to do the casting until you feel a significant degree of relief and then just detach/let go, i.e. turn your focus to other, very different, aspects of your life. The general rule is to stop seeking signs because what you see depends on your vibration.

  3. Now that you’re concerned about whose hair it actually is, it is better to drop this item from the ritual work. These personal items are just psychological props for the ritual, i.e. they make the rational/limited mind feel that you are connected to that person in a more visceral way. Actually, you are always inseparably connected to everything..

  4. Like I said, you cannot easily gauge whether or not it is actually going wrong. Spirit makes no mistakes. However, if you have some preconceived notions about how the outcome is to be arrived at then you may find the going difficult. If you must re-cast or rework the spell just do that. There is no “fix” as such.
    All of this flows according to your self-concept. Self-knowledge is mandatory at some point to avoid endless ritual work, confusion and disappointment. Ritual work should liberate you not enslave you.


Concentrate on one spell at the time, so you can give it “your all”; instead of trying to get your mind on a lot of different rituals at the same time.

I’ll think on some spells I’ve used and get back with them.

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  • Don’t mess with body fluids. And keep all curios (oils, lotions, powders) off your body; consecrating objects or jewlery is smarter.

  • Some signs that things have gone awry could be your relationship getting worst, nightmares, and–everybody’s favorite–violence.

The twisted part about love work (or magic period), is sometimes things have to go to shit before they remedy. So these won’t always mean you’ve done anything wrong. Most times you just have to wait and trust in your magic.

  • If all else fails, don’t be too proud to seek professional help. Magic (especially love work) can get dicey. If you aren’t prepared for that, leave it be.
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@987ritual Thank you for your reply its comforting,hearing that things might be bad before they get good. I think after reading all the experiences online it just seemed as if everything should fall on my lap. How do I strengthen my trust in myself and magic.

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@anon80443026 the thing is getting outside help is hard. As I don’t stay somewhere where it is safe to do such. This forum is my outside help. So any help would be appreciated.


It can “fall into your lap”. In fact, it always does so instantly with zero effort but…it does so according to your habitual state of mind and for most people that includes an effortless state of effort.

To strengthen trust in yourself which breeds trust in magic, you simply have to spend time in meditation, being present in the NOW in your daily life, positive imagination–not for change but for imagination’s sake, ritual work without specific goals other than to just immerse yourself in the principle symbolised by a spirit/deity and recognition what you have going for you ( :slight_smile: this can vary from time to time :slight_smile: ) on a regular basis.

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@987ritual thank you a lot will keep that in mind… You said that we are all connected,is there a way to work with these connections(telepathy act.) And how do you work with them ? Also would you recommend any love spells or rituals.

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Your consciousness. Everything exists in it including seeming others. Your imagination is the key along with your general emotional state

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@SeventhThrone There is a large number of love spells or rituals you could work with. Like, just check out any online resource or grimoire. General deities for Love: Freya (more sexual stereotypically), Frigga, Oshun, Ezrulie, Mother Mary, Venus, Aphrodite etc. You could try the Innana Apple Spell if you wish or the @C.Kendall spell listed somewhere on this site.
No rules, really just customise or create one that feels right and that will do.

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Can you elaborate on this? As in, is that what the spell is called?? (can I find it in the forum…?)


Did you find the spell?If yes please share :slight_smile: