Successful full evocation Gordon Winterfield

Has anyone had success with ritual 3 of the Gordon winter fields book on demons?



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Ah Demons of Magick. I own that book in kindle format.

The use of evocation keys that make use of smell, sight and sound are brilliant.
The opening ritual also makes heavy use of the 5 senses and elemental correspondences.

I’ll be honest here and say that the approach is really compelling. I did some dry runs of the rituals. The circle opening is beautiful, and the calling of a divine light from above is a nice touch. The use of all the senses and orations is a fantastic way of getting in a magick mood. It is a great circle opening and the banishing, and middle pillar adaptation are terrific.

With some separation from my dry runs, I also used the evocation keys and sigils of a few entities to see how it all felt. Is it legit? Does it evoke?


Are the evocation keys 100% legit? … i don’t know.

The way I see myself using this book is underscoring the involvement of all my senses in ritual. It creates a fantastic mood and kicks that brain into overdrive. It reminds me to take stock of my senses when encountering an entity, since the sights , sounds and smells are truly excellent evocation keys. The thing with evocation keys is that you can’t take someone else’s word for it.

As far as the actual evocation, I’m sticking with my own approach which is somewhere between Mr. Winterfield’s approach, EA’s teachings and my own personal discoveries along the path.

Edit: Although I find nothing wrong with bringing in Archangels to the circle, imo it’s better to stick with a demonic circle when dealing with petitions to demonic entities. Elemental circles are good for internal balance and a source of motivation and oomph. More than adequate without needing archangels.


Let me add that I prefer going for broke and getting as much manifestation as I can muster. The third ritual is the style I go for.

However! … like I said above, I tried the keys with scrying sense on a few entities. It feels really good and feels like a connection can be made.

The shem angels and stuff , I skip that.

For this experiment a simple elemental flushing and re-balancing followed by visualizing the keys, then Enn chanting and sigil gazing. I used it to send thank you to the entities and to let them know that I’ll be calling on them in the future.

It was very legit with my non-angel “mod” and EA style streamlining. I prefer the Demonolatry style of evocation.

Bottom line: Evocation keys good. Elemental correspondences good. Angels with demons, not so good.,


This is an excellent book and the techniques described are very similar to what I do. Only slight adaptations to make it more personal. The results of the ongoing work as a practice have been remarkably good!

I also utilize the basic technique on the BALG website wherein it describes the simplicity of working with sigils for an intended result.

Keep me informed of your progress whatever choices you make. It’s always interesting to here of others working along similar materials.


Would you say this is a good book for a first evocation attempt??

It has worked for you?

It is the only evocation book I have for evocation beginners. Would you suggest another one?

Thank you.