Successful Energy Work Thread?

I’ve been finding excellent results with the integration of energy work and body- visualization techniques, as taught by Robert Bruce.

Of course I’ve started using my imagination and intention to expand on the basics, creating some very potent processes.

Mr. Bruce mentions ( somewhere- I forget where) that the secret to boosting the immune system is through channeling energy through the femur BONE, as oppose to the muscle or skin.

Today I did a meditation where I visualized a cleanesing ball of blue flame

( with hints of lime green- in reference to a frog vemon I heard the has both intense psychedelic as well as healing properties- again can’t remeber the name)

And after about 20 mins to a half hour, of FEELING this ball of flame SPIRAL up and down my femurs bones, meeting as my root chairs, ( and occasionally shooting up my body). I felt a strange clearing of my sinuses)

It also ocured to me that I was misplacing my focus of old, obselete desires I truly didn’t want, but hadn’t shaken off yet.

Very strange and interesting, how some body awareness work, where physical sensations are conjured up, can lead to mental epiphanies, I was never intending to discover.

I later reimaged the process but with two opposing balls of flame starting from each knee, one of the cleansing blue-green, and another pinky-purplish ball with peachy undertones, charged WITH THE INTENTION of reawakening forgotten passions and slumbering desires.

Not sure if this kind of stuff is interesting helpful/ worthy of sharing, or if this comes off like I’m telling you my dream- where its utility and value is more subjective.

Definitely check out Robert Bruce’s. Energy Work though,

Although its not essential for practicing magick it does do one helpful thing:

It reinforces for the Magician the connection between the Imagination, Body, and Will; thus allowing him to FEEL something he’s simply IMAGINED.

I believe this is one of the secrets to Magick as our IMAGINATION is the THESEHOLD between this physical world and the multiple demensions (specifically the 4th or astral demension - the one just inside [ or outside ] this one) where things are malleable and Magick primarily takes place.

In conclusion: energy work ought to be more thoroughly explored and discussed, something as simple as a SPIRAL can move energy and intention through your body (or other dimensions more thoroughly.

EA, can you do a Q and A with Robert Bruce on something? I know Nate Bales interviewed him once for your channel, but I feel a deeper even more creative probe into this work is beneficial.



I’ve been doing this for a little over a month. Rather than start with one body part at a time as suggested by Bruce, I just dove in. I’m to the point where I can move an itch or any other odd uncomfortable feeling around my body. For instance, last night I suddenly had a hot tingly sensation in my shin, and I was able to move that around with effort. Then I tried taking some energy out of it, like bailing water with a bucket, and it made the thing easier to manage.

One thing I’ve noticed is that stronger concentrations of awareness are more difficult to move around. It takes practice to be able to move the more powerful ones around with ease.

So far, it’s kind of been like weight lifting, in that I’ve been practicing with heavier and heavier weights.

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Wish there was more posts as clear as this, I spent most of the last hour going through the search forum trying to figure out if it would be worth getting the book since it was reccomended that I try this.

Thanks for clearing it up that I should get it. Commenting on this to bring it back up for the others.