Hy everyone. This thread is for everybody here to share our successes in magick with each other, my intention with this is that we learn from other’s experiences and also motivate each other especially the begginers!

I’m a begginer when it comes to background although I’m very firm on my path, and this time I’m changing my life forever no matter what.

I’ve been drawn to the occult for some 5 or 6 years now, but as I live with my Christian family it pretty much just paralyzed me. I’m 22 years old now, and got to the point that I believe only through magick I can live the life I want and deserve, so even though this pressure still exists I’m doing what I can to not give a shit and work in secrecy.

I’ve succesfully cast 2 spells, a curse ([url=][/url])

And a love spell. I’m still expericencing mind blowing effects with this one. I’m receiving love from others but also, self love, which is one of the most important forms of love. My life changed completely, I really mean it. Opportunities to improve health, aesthetics, self acceptance are pouring in…

My social life has always been very limited,since I’ve always been shy and introverted. I managed to attract people in my life who are helping me to just embrace myself and my personality, my flaws and just be more social, I’m going out a lot more, making new friends, interacting with people, approaching girls and pretty much just having a great time!

I contacted Martal through sigil magick, I didn’t use incantations but came up with the most heartfelt “prayer” I could so I can finally initiate in black magick and get over my fear of getting caught and upsetting my loved ones, and from then on I managed to gather all the tools I need and already cast my first candle magick spell! I’m just so grateful for EA, people here in the forum who helped a lot, and also to Martal, Grand Demon of the first kingdom of flames for making it all work.

  1. I cursed a kid who was threatening my life, as well as my girl friend at the time. He Over dosed right in front of me, then killed him self months later.

  2. I cursed a friend who utterly pissed me off. A week later he lost his job, homeless, and from what I can tell is more of an emotional wreak than before.

  3. I won 2 small poker games (No money, just for kicks.), one was planned, the other was spontaneous so I had to do it on the spot.

  4. I’m always using magick to win in online video games. When not using magick my Kill death in games such as counter strike is 1. When I do use magick it can be from 2+ and sometimes I don’t die at all. I should also state that I focus on kill death ratio rather than winning the match. Actually winning the match is harder and I don’t believe to be worth the effort as its just for kicks.

  5. I used it to get a girl friend once, though ended in tragedy. Don’t know if I would call it a success but I got what I wanted.

  6. Got a job.

  7. Got a pay raise on said job.

  8. Just got promoted on said job, with another pay raise as well as hour increase.

  9. Had some “stuff” fall from the sky for a few months, then it disappeared unfortunately. Been struggling to get said “stuff” back, though my focus has been work as It needs to be for the moment.

Some other things, but not as large as the stated above.

Dancing while cursing the person helps. I listened to some music that I like, basically danced around and pushed all my neg energy towards that person. I was so tired afterwards but felt clean from the energy leaving me. It was amazing. So try that out. Great posts above me btw.